Tyreek Hill Wants To Take Legal Action Against The Patriots Fan That Threw A Beer At Him

The New England Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 43-40 last night in what was probably the best shootout on American soil since The OK Corral. At 83 combined total points it easily accomplished the over of 59.5 that I told everybody to take on Twitter, so you’re welcome for the free money guys. A lot of players had fantastic outings last night, but none more than the game Tyreek Hill had. A quick look at his box score reveals that he had 7 receptions for 143 yards and 3 touchdowns, including the 75 yard late in the game tying TD that made me lose fantasy this week. In the sports world, we call that going the fuck off. After scoring his game tying touchdown, he continued straight through the end zone and then some because he’s basically the Road Runner. In doing this he ended up very close to the opposing fans and was immediately greeted with middle fingers and even a surprise beer free of charge

This has gotten people talking. It’s mostly been the typical “Boston sports fans are the worst blah blah blah” rhetoric for the millionth time, as if this type of nonsense has never happened at another stadium. However, to a certain degree I get it this time. I’ll call a spade a spade and admit that the clown who decided to waste his $13 beer by throwing it at a pro athlete who just smoked our secondary is an asshole. To my knowledge he got kicked out of the game and is now banned from Gillette Stadium, which sounds pretty fair to me. When you play stupid games you win stupid prizes, so good luck getting into Country Fest next year dick. All was well and the situation had been handled, but then I saw this

Really? This is a Bud Light we’re talking about here, not sulfuric acid for fucks sake. And I’ve already said I think that fan sucks and is now rightfully banned from Pats games, but is this really worth getting the criminal justice system involved? I have a strong feeling this has a lot more to do with his agent than it does Tyreek Hill. He even said in a post game interview that he wasn’t even that mad about it, and when he returned to the sideline Andy Reid told him to just let it go. I have a sneaking suspicion Tyreek would have no problem just letting it go because I’m sure he would rather avoid all things legal system oriented. Remember a couple years ago when Tyreek Hill strangled his pregnant girlfriend and only got probation? I memba! I feel like once you’re a charged criminal there’s this unspoken rule that things are no longer settled in a courtroom. If Tyreek wants to hire some goons to find this fan and beat the shit out of him be my guest, but charging him with assault and battery because he threw a Bud Light at you out of jealousy? That’s some wack shit, and I think Tyreek Hill feels that way deep down.

When your teams are as good as ours are and have been you’re bound to have passionate fans. Just like with every large sample size, there are also bound to be plenty of douchebags. There are definitely a lot of assholes that support Boston teams and nobody is denying that. After PK Subban scored on the Bruins in the playoffs a few years ago the N word was trending on Twitter in Boston. Not the best look, but there are assholes in literally every fan base out there. Philly, Boston, New York etc. are all fan bases of mostly normal people like you and me who unfortunately get lumped in with the 0.01% that can’t handle their alcohol or their own life’s failures. So they start fights, tweet racist shit, and throw beers at people because, I can only assume, they have small dicks or loose vaginas. Don’t generalize the many because of the few, and that’s my philosophical food for thought for the day

So to bring this all to an end, I have 2 main points

1. That fan is an idiot. Doing something that stupid during an extremely televised event like Sunday Night Football when you were knowingly right in the spotlight is retarded. He’s now banned from Gillette stadium, and based on how exclusive and expensive that part of Gillette is, they probably weren’t even his tickets. So now the real owner, which I can only assume is a family member, close friend, or employer, might lose their season tickets because you’re their responsibility when you sit in their seats. So congratulations man: You just potentially caught a case, lost your job, lost somebody their season tickets, and might get murdered by Tyreek Hill and his squad because of how you decided to react to an opposing team’s touchdown in a game that we ended up winning *tiny violin begins playing*

2. Tyreek Hill is a huge pussy if he presses charges. I know his manager and the players association are likely the ones spearheading this whole thing, but he has the final say because it happened to him. Like A Reid said to him on the sideline: Just let it go man. The guy who threw the beer sucks, but even assholes deserve a break sometimes. As somebody who did something exponentially worse than what that fan did to him and received a slap on the wrist for it, Tyreek Hill would be crazy to not drop these charges faster than he runs and just let bygones be bygones. Or don’t and kick the shit out of him, I don’t really care. But bringing the law into something that should be treated no more seriously than a school fight on the playground is a huge waste of time and resources, as well as extremely ironic because he’s a piece of shit that strangled a pregnant woman who was carrying his child.

Well there ya have it: My 2 cents on the events that transpired last night. Now do you think I can actually get those 2 cents back? If you read my betting blog for this week you’d understand that I didn’t do too well this week. Tough time to be my bank account that’s for sure, but tough times don’t last only tough people do. I’ll get em next time. Not really, but it’s comforting to pretend

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