About Me

In short, I’m a 25 year old from Boston who started this blog a few years back with some friends of mine. The original premise of our aptly named BoozeBlogs site was simple: “We all love drinking and we all love writing, so why not combine the two and see what happens?”. They eventually stopped contributing for reasons like new jobs and life in general, but I decided to stick with it because the domain was in my name, it gave me something to do during work, and most importantly, I enjoy writing these blogs (even if nobody outside of my friend group ends up reading them)

Since I don’t feel like getting fired from work, I write under the pseudonym Chuck Taylor (Which is the name of the fictional news anchor from Chappelle’s Show). I write primarily about about Sports, TV/Movies, Music, and whatever other random shit pops into my head

If you want to get in touch with me, you can shoot me an email @ChuckTaylor1495@gmail.com, or you can follow me on Twitter and DM me (@ BoozeBlogsChuck)

I hope you enjoy my site, and remember to drink up because life’s too short to be sober

I’m Chuck Taylor