Radio Host Makes Awful Criticism Of Andy Reid By Bringing Up His Son Who Died From A Heroin Overdose In 2012

Everyday it seems that one of the talking heads in sports media makes some kind of stupid comment. Whether that comment be some ridiculous sports take or a political opinion that nobody asked for, it’s like they’ve become addicted to spouting nonsense at the expense of the listeners’ ears. Well yesterday was no different, and a Kansas City radio host decided to unleash a wave of stupid words out of his face. While discussing the disciplinary issues involving Tyreek Hill, Kevin Kietzman of Radio 810 stated that head coach Andy Reid has never been good at “fixing people”, and then went on to say that this can clearly be seen by the death of his son Garrett from a heroin overdose in 2012.

First and foremost, here is the audio of what was said

There are awful takes, and then there are takes like this that are so bad they deserve their own category of awfulness.  For those who are out of the loop and don’t understand what “point” this clown was trying to make , allow me to try to explain. The Chiefs have been criticized for some of the actions of their players recently, most notably the violence from Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill. Tyreek Hill is still on the Chiefs, so the question a lot of people are asking in Kansas City right now is, “Can Andy Reid fix Tyreek Hill and straighten him out?”. Kevin Kietzman here doesn’t seem to think so, and his evidence for why he doesn’t believe A Reid is capable of doing so is because he couldn’t even keep control of his own family (His thoughts, not mine). Andy Reid’s sons, Britt and Garrett Reid, have both had their share of drug problems, and Garrett ultimately died from a heroin overdose in 2012. 

I’m all for a good hot take, but this isn’t one I can get behind. I mean Jesus Christ man, bringing up somebody’s dead son in a conversation about football? That’s low. And it’s not even that he just brought up Garrett Reid’s death. He also indirectly blamed Andy Reid for his son’s overdose death, and then he used that to criticize his abilities both as a coach and as a father. I understand the business has become more about who can say the most different and shocking thing rather than having well thought out sports takes, but this one just stinks out loud.

If he hasn’t started cleaning out his desk yet, I would highly recommend that Kevin starts doing so. This is just such an ignorant and heartless point to try to make on the radio, and that’s coming from me (An ignorant, heartless prick). If even I know you fucked up, you fucked up. I’m guilty of making an Andy Reid joke here and there, but usually my jokes revolve around his poor clock management skills and not his dead son. Criticize the man all you want for his coaching abilities, but let’s leave his deceased family members out of it. I’m obviously a Pats fan, but hearing this comment made my blood get hot. Andy Reid is a good guy and doesn’t deserve personal slander about his family from some clown on the radio. Sort of on topic, I hope somebody gets Tyreek Hill on the phone and tells him to curb stomp Kevin Kietzman like American History X (Although the races would be the other way around of course).

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