Kick Off Memorial Day Weekend With “Some Gave All” By Billy Ray Cyrus

Against all odds, our streak of excellence continues. We all made it through yet another week of our soul-sucking jobs, and now the weekend is here

But this isn’t just any other weekend folks. In case you forgot, we are entering into Memorial Day Weekend. If you listen closely, you can hear beers being cracked, burgers being grilled, and fucks not being given as everybody prepares to gather with their family and friends and celebrate a much needed long weekend

As fun as all of the MDW partying has always been and will continue to be, I think it’s important to stop and remember what Memorial Day Weekend actually represents, even if it’s just for a minute. I won’t get long winded on that, because I think everybody knows what I mean. By all means, enjoy the long weekend and all of the beers and hot dogs that go with it, but don’t ungratefully forget why we’re able to do all of this

That’s why I’m posting this blog and giving all of you a great opportunity to take some time and reflect on the significance of Memorial Day right now, before you get completely engulfed in a MDW bender (which I certainly will). Here is a song I personally try to listen to at least once or twice every Memorial Day Weekend because I think it’s perfect: “Some Gave All” by Billy Ray Cyrus

Thank you to everybody that served, but especially those that didn’t make it home. The Ultimate Sacrifice of laying down your lives for this country, it’s people, and their freedoms will never be forgotten. Not today. Not tomorrow. And so on, and so on, and so on

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everybody, and don’t drive drunk like a dickhead

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