Kick Off The Weekend With Cassidy’s “Spazzing Out” Radio Freestyle

The clock has hit 5 PM, and serotonin has flooded my body. We did it guys. Another week of work is complete, so let’s celebrate

This is the third week of doing this style of Friday blogs, and today I figured I’d share one of my favorite radio freestyles by (arguably) the freestyle GOAT. I don’t have an exact date on this, but based on the outfits and references, it’s clearly early to mid 2000s. I first saw this video over a decade ago, and it still blows me away every time I listen to it. There are too many good lines in this to even list them, so just give it a listen. And make sure you don’t get fooled and stop listening halfway through when the audio cuts out and picture pops up, because the video continues after

Hope you guys enjoy it. Let’s have a fucking weekend


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