Kick Off The Weekend With Danny MacAskill’s “Imaginate” Video

I believe congratulations are in order. Why? Because we have, once again, defied the odds and survived another work week. We put in our 40 hours, and now it’s time to relax

This is my second week doing this type of blog, and I’ve decided to venture into the world of extreme sports to help us kick off the weekend. I was a huge skateboarder growing up and spent a lot of time hanging out with BMX dudes at the skatepark, and it always blew me away. In that vain, I figured I would share one of my favorite BMX videos of all time, courtesy of Scottish-born Danny MacAskill. Red Bull did a really cool job making this, and the use of childhood toys as obstacles brings a strange nostalgia factor that always hit for me

Hope you guys enjoy it. Let’s have a fucking weekend


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