Absolute Steal: An Authentic ‘Wanted’ Poster For John Wilkes Booth After He Shot President Abraham Lincoln Just Sold For Only 160K

Like most other white dudes with way too much time on their hands, I consider myself a bit of a history buff. “Wait, there’s an excuse for me to talk about the past instead of my current pathetic life? Sign me up!”

You get the idea

The reason for self-owning myself like that is because of a story I just came across where a rare, authentic wanted poster for John Wilkes Booth from after he shot President Abraham Lincoln just sold for the bargain price of $166,375

I know I sounded sarcastic at the end of that last paragraph, but I was being dead serious. I truly think the buyer got a good deal here on an important piece of history

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best when it comes to estimating the worth of things, which is why I always sucked at The Price Is Right. When I would stay home sick from school back in the day, you could catch me sitting on the couch guessing that a blender cost $1,000. It was pretty embarrassing

But seriously, if you walked up to me on the street right now and asked me what this John Wilkes Booth wanted poster was worth, I would look at you with a straight face and say that it’s worth millions of dollars. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. Am I crazy for thinking that? I mean, in a world where an “artist” can tape a banana to a wall and sell it for $120,000 (I’m not kidding), an authentic wanted poster from 158 years ago for a guy that literally assassinated one of the most popular US presidents should be worth a little more than 160K, no?

I also want to know a little more about who bought this poster. Chances are it was some museum or history nerd, but part of me wants to believe it was just some regular dude who needed some extra wall art for his man cave. How sick would that be? Nothing to see here, just my authentic John Wilkes Booth wanted poster hanging on the wall in between a Tom Brady poster and a Budweiser sign. Classic guy stuff. Talk about ambience

Stories like this make me realize that winning the lottery would (somehow) be the worst thing to ever happen. I would be buying shit like this every day until I ended up broker than I was before. It would suck, but at least my house would be filled with countless random yet cool items

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna head on over to eBay and see if I can buy Lee Harvey Oswalt’s shoes for a reasonable price

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