Anybody Complaining About This Final Four Is An Idiot

Quick little rant about some blogs and tweets that I’ve been seeing lately that continue to piss me off: Anybody that hasn’t enjoyed this March Madness tournament and is upset by this Final Four is a fucking idiot

The entire appeal of March Madness has always relied on the fact that you have no idea what’s going to happen in any given game. A 15 seed that nobody has ever heard of can step on the court and shoot 45% from the 3 point line, kicking the shit out of an established program, and leave the world shocked. That’s why college basketball is exciting, and that’s why March Madness is awesome

These past few weeks of games have combined to create one of the greatest March Madness tournaments I can remember in recent history;very possibly ever. You had big name schools like Arizona and Purdue getting knocked out early in shocking games, and Markquis Nowell of Kansas State pulling off one of the greatest March Madness performances of all time. Give that man the MVP already. We all have eyes, we all know who deserves it

Anyway, my main gripe comes from all of the clowns on Twitter acting like having teams such as FAU, San Diego State, Miami, and UConn in The Final Four is somehow a bad thing because the bigger programs that insufferable bandwagon morons cheer for, like Duke, got their asses kicked by grittier underdogs that are infinitely more fun to watch and cheer for

Anybody bitching and moaning about this Final Four because the name recognition isn’t to their liking is a fucking idiot. You don’t know anything about sports, and you don’t deserve to know anything about sports. So, pardon me while I, and anybody with a brain, enjoys these 2 games tonight

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