Shuffle Song Of The Day (12/3/21): “The Perfect Kiss” By New Order

*I decided to post the Substance Edit of this song because I think it’s the best version and it has a cool music video to go along with it*

“The Perfect Kiss” is a song by the British synth pop band New Order, and it originally appeared on their 1985 album, Low Life

New Order was formed by the remaining members of Joy Division following the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis in 1980. Ian took his own life right before Joy Division was set to embark on a major North American tour. He suffered from depression and epilepsy, the latter of which often lead to him having seizures while performing live. Marriage troubles, depression, and the pressure of the upcoming North American tour got to him, and he took his own life the day before the band was set to fly to the United States to begin said tour at the age of 23. Rest in peace, Ian

Living up to their name, New Order decided to take on more of synth-driven style rather than the old post-punk sound they had mastered with Joy Division. This made perfect sense, seeing as The 80’s was ruled by synthesizers, and I think that New Order was among the best when it came to their usage. Seriously, if this song doesn’t make you want to time travel back to 1985, snort some fat lines, and dance the night away in some nightclub, something must be wrong with you

As for a perfect kiss, I don’t think I’ve ever had one. I’ve never been in love, so there goes all that romantic crap. Anytime I kiss somebody nowadays, it’s usually while shitfaced in a dive bar or something like that, and I don’t think that fits the definition of a perfect kiss that they were going for here

On second thought, maybe I have had a perfect kiss before, just not with another person. Don’t worry, I’m not admitting to bestiality here. What I mean is that the only perfect kiss I can think of having is anytime my lips make contact with a beer bottle for the first time that night. Simply beautiful every single time


I stood there beside myself
Thinking hard about the weather
Then came by a friend of mine
Suggested we go out together
Then I knew it from the start
This friend of mine would fall apart
Pretending not to see his gun
I said let’s go out and have some fun
I know you know
We believe in a land of love
I know you know
We believe in a land of love
I have always thought about
Staying here and going out
Tonight I should have stayed at home
Playing with my pleasure zone
He has always been so strange
I’d often thought he was deranged
Pretending not to see his gun
I said let’s go out and have some fun
I know you know
We believe in a land of love
I know you know
We believe in a land of love
When you are alone at night
You search yourself for all the things
That you believe are right
If you give it all away
You throw away your only chance to be here today
Then a fight breaks out on your street
You lose another broken heart in a land of meat
My friend, he took his final breath
Now I know the perfect kiss is the kiss of death


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