Trevor Moore Passed Away Last Week, And You’re Goddamn Right He Deserves A Blog Post

Death: It is inevitable, often unpredictable, and most importantly, it is final

My apologies for that little bit of morbid existentialism, but I do have some just cause. Last Friday night, Trevor Moore—best known as the co-founder of the sketch comedy group The Whitest Kids U Know-—passed away unexpectedly in what is, for now, simply being called an unknown accident

For anybody who was a fan of his work, this was a huge punch to the gut that came out of nowhere. I am one of those people, and Whitest Kids U Know was a huge part of my childhood. In middle school, my friends and I would sit around the desktop computer and laugh at random WKUK skits, so in a lot of ways, it forged my sense of humor

Additionally, seeing as I’m somebody who writes blogs, recently started writing standup and sketch ideas, and hopes to one day have a career in comedy in some capacity, Trevor Moore was obviously somebody I looked up to

For those reasons, I’d be remiss if I didn’t write this blog to honor a man that I consider an extremely underappreciated comedy legend. Over the past week, I’ve been traveling down memory lane and going through WKUK season by season, laughing my ass off just as hard as my friends and I were at age 13. I compiled around 30 of my favorite sketches for this blog, and I hope you guys enjoy the genius of Trevor Moore and the rest of the WKUK crew

If you have a favorite WKUK sketch, or any other Trevor Moore related video that I missed, please leave a comment or reply to my tweet with the link

Lastly, and I can’t say it enough, rest in peace Trevor Moore. Thanks for all of the laughs


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