NFL Betting Results (Wildcard Weekend and Divisional Round)

I’ve been slacking on posting the results from the last 2 weeks, and as easy as it would be to just skip it altogether, I do want to get this blog up for the sake of keeping track of my record on the season. So, here is what has been going on with me in the world of NFL gambling lately


Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills: BILLS -6.5❌❌❌

LA Rams @ Seattle Seahawks: SEAHAWKS -3❌❌❌

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Football Team: BUCS -8☑️☑️☑️

Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans: TITANS +3.5❌❌❌

Chicago Bears @ New Orleans Saints: BEARS +10.5❌❌❌

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers: BROWNS +7.5✅✅✅

I’ll start with Wildcard Weekend. This was by far my worst weekend of the entire NFL season, seeing as I went a horrendous 1-4-1 on these games. In fact, I did so bad that I’m actually sort of impressed. Not really, but that’s the lie I’ve been telling myself. Now, cue up the Simon and Garfunkel GIF

So what went wrong on Wildcard Weekend? Pretty much everything. On Saturday I really loved the favorites, and on Sunday I really loved the underdogs. Based on how it worked out, I really wish I switched my philosophy on this. The underdogs all covered on Saturday (Colts, Rams, and push on WFT), and on Sunday the favorites went 2/3 (thank God I was on Browns)

What a terrible weekend this was. Looking back on it, I would have rather spent Wildcard Weekend getting tortured in a medieval dungeon instead of betting on these games. I probably would have had the same level of fun, and at least if I got tortured to death I wouldn’t have lost so much money. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that

Let’s change the subject here and take a look at how I did last week


LA Rams @ Green Bay Packers: PACKERS -6.5✅✅✅

Baltimore Ravens @ Buffalo Bills: BILLS -2.5✅✅✅

Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs: BROWNS +10.5✅✅✅

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints: BUCS +3.5✅✅✅

After taking a beating like Wildcard Weekend, most people would have taken the next weekend off and evaluated their life choices. Thankfully, I’m not most people. I’m an idiot that is no stranger to the art of chase-betting, so rather than accept defeat and pick up a few overtime shifts like a chump, I went right back into battle and won it all back by going 4-0. Take that, Vegas. Cue up the Johnny Drama GIF!

I can’t gloat too much because I got my ass kicked the week before, but this rebound was much needed. This 4-0 sweep got my confidence back, and in the gambling world, that’s the most valuable currency there is

That’s all for now. As for tomorrow’s games, I already tweeted it out earlier this week, but I hopped on Packers and Bills on Monday. Sorry Tom, but I love The Packers tomorrow. As for Bills, I was hoping Mahomes would get ruled out and would have had a jump on the line already. However, Bills are still doing great things and that game should be awesome, so maybe my early bet will pay off


Week 1: 8-8☑️☑️☑️

Week 2: 8-7-1✅✅✅

Week 3: 9-6-1✅✅✅

Week 4: 10-5✅✅✅

Week 5: 7-7☑️☑️☑️

Week 6: 11-3✅✅✅

Week 7: 7-7☑️☑️☑️

Week 8: 5-8-1❌❌❌

Week 9: 8-6✅✅✅

Week 10: 10-3-1✅✅✅

Week 11: 6-8❌❌❌

Week 12: 10-6✅✅✅

Week 13: 9-6✅✅✅

Week 14: 9-7✅✅✅

Week 15: 6-8-2❌❌❌

Week 16: 8-7-1✅✅✅

Week 17: 8-8☑️☑️☑️

Wildcard Weekend: 1-4-1❌❌❌

Divisional Round: 4-0✅✅✅

SEASON RECORD: 145-114-8


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