NFL Betting Picks (Week 17)

A little bit unorthodox this week because it’s 330 AM and I still haven’t done my Week 16 recap blog, but I wanted to get my Week 17 plays up anyway. Here is what I’m going with tomorrow (well I guess today)

Bucs -6.5

Bengals +14.5

Cowboys ML

Bills ML

Vikings -4

Patriots ML

Steelers +10.5

Cardinals ML

Bears +5

Colts -13.5

Chargers -4

Raiders -2.5

Saints -6

Seahawks -6.5

Titans -6.5

Washington Football Team -3

Those are my picks and I’m sticking to em. No research. No thinking. I’m drunk and locked them in, the way it’s supposed to be done

Probably not doing a teaser this week because I’ve been getting destroyed on parlays/teasers this week, but I might tweet one out tomorrow depending how I’m feeling

That’s it for now. Just wanted to get these up before I went to bed. Let’s win some fucking money


@ BoozeBlogsChuck

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