NFL Betting Picks (Week 14)

With the majority of Week 14’s games set to kick off soon, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m nervous. I’m already 0-1 this week after my Patriots shit themselves on the field during Thursday’s game, and a lot of the spreads and matchups this week are tough to call. I did the best that I could, and above all, I went with my gut as I always do. So, here are my picks for Week 14, but be forewarned that a lot of these games rub me the wrong way


New England Patriots @ LA Rams: PATRIOTS +6❌❌❌


Arizona Cardinals @ NY Giants: GIANTS +3

Dallas Cowboys @ Cincinnati Bengals: COWBOYS -2.5

Denver Broncos @ Carolina Panthers: PANTHERS -3

Houston Texans @ Chicago Bears: TEXANS ML

Kansas City Chiefs @ Miami Dolphins: DOLPHINS+9

Minnesota Vikings @ Tampa Bay Bucs: BUCS -6.5

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars: TITANS -7

Indianapolis Colts @ Las Vegas Raiders: COLTS -2.5

NY Jets @ Seattle Seahawks: SEAHAWKS -13.5

Atlanta Falcons @ LA Chargers: CHARGERS +3

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions: PACKERS -8

New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles: SAINTS -7

Washington Football Teams @ San Francisco 49ers: FOOTBALL TEAM +3

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills: BILLS ML


Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns: BROWNS +3

Those are my picks and I’m sticking to em. Like I said before, there are a lot of matchups that I could have easily gone either way on this week, so choose wisely. so my stomach is feeling a little queasy right now, and I can’t blame it all on last night’s beers

Lastly, here is my Why Not Teaser for Week 14:

-Packers -2

-Bucs -.5

-Chiefs -.5

-Saints -2

This teaser will double your money, so do with that information whatever you want to

And that’s it. I’m 109-80-4 on the season so far, so hopefully I can keep the wins coming this week. Games start in about an hour, so fingers crossed that I don’t go negative. How am I supposed to buy Christmas gifts if I owe my bookie money? If shit goes south, I might need Santa’s help this year


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