NFL Betting Results (Week 8)

I’m a little late posting this blog with my results from Week 8, seeing as Week 9 already started last night. Now I could lie to you and say it’s because I’ve been super busy at work, but honestly I haven’t done a single productive thing since I clocked in on Monday morning, and I’m not about to start now on a Friday (Unless you’re my boss reading this. In which case, I’ve been slaving away, per usual)

Regardless of why it took so long, the blog is done now and I’m ready to dive into Week 8. If you follow me on twitter (@ BoozeBlogsChuck) then you already know how it went, but for those that don’t, let’s take a look at what happened for me NFL-wise last week



Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers: PANTHERS ML❌❌❌


Indianapolis Colts @ Detroit Lions: LIONS +3.5❌❌❌

LA Rams @ Miami Dolphins: RAMS -3❌❌❌

Las Vegas Raiders @ Cleveland Browns: RAIDERS +3✅✅✅

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers: PACKERS -6.5❌❌❌

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills: BILLS -3☑️☑️☑️

NY Jets @ Kansas City Chiefs: CHIEFS -19✅✅✅

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens: STEELERS +3.5✅✅✅

Tennessee Titans @ Cincinnati Bengals: TITANS -6.5❌❌❌

LA Chargers @ Denver Broncos: CHARGERS -3❌❌❌

New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears: SAINTS -6❌❌❌

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks: SEAHAWKS -2.5✅✅✅

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles: EAGLES -10✅✅✅



Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ NY Giants: BUCS -12❌❌❌

When all was said and done, I went 5-8-1 in Week 8. This marks the first time I’ve had a negative week this season, and with that in mind, this is also my worst week of the 2020-21 season so far

So what went wrong exactly? Well, plenty of things, and it wasn’t just me that had a bad week. Week 8 was the worst week for public money so far in the 2020-21 season, so it feels good knowing I wasn’t alone when it came time to pay my bookie on Tuesday

Anyway, let’s take a closer look at my losses from last week


PANTHERS: A Thursday Night Football game between The Falcons and Panthers? After puking from the mere thought of this matchup, I locked in Panthers ML knowing it was destined to lose. I’ve written about it before, both in blogs and on Twitter, but I chalk up any game involving The Falcons as a loss before it even starts because this team exists solely to lose me money. If I bet on them, they lose. If I bet against them, they win. Without fail. Every. Goddamn. Time. I went with The Panthers in this because Bridgewater and Davis have looked good lately, and also out of spite for the awful way The Falcons fucked me over in Week 7. Naturally, because I didn’t pick them, The Falcons decided this would be the week that they don’t implode in the 4th and actually win a game. *clears throat* FUCK THE FALCONS

LIONS: I think the good thing about betting on a team like The Lions is you aren’t expecting a good outcome anyway, so it doesn’t hurt nearly as much when you lose. That’s what happened here. The Colts offense has been brutal, and their D is what’s been “keeping them in it”. I was hoping Stafford and the boys could use the home field advantage to keep some momentum going from their win last week, and I was wrong. Instead, they let up 20+ points a piece in the 2nd and 4th quarters, and they didn’t generate nearly enough offense themselves to stay even remotely close in this one

RAMS: After The Rams ripped my heart out last week by beating The Bears by 14—and I had 2 teasers with Bears +13—they seemed like the smart play this week. A low spread, coming off of a win, and heading to Miami to play a rookie QB in his first NFL game? Sign me up. I like Tua, and I think he’s going to have a good NFL career, but I really wanted him to suck in his first start. Instead, he didn’t have any of the first game jitters I needed, and The Dolphins D and special teams really stepped up and had a great game. These things, combined with some brutal turnovers from Goff, lead to The Dolphins getting out to a big lead. The Rams clawed away at it a little, but it wasn’t nearly enough to overcome the deficit

PACKERS: All indications were pointing toward Dalvin Cook missing today’s game, which made myself and plenty of others feel confident in backing The Packers at home in Lambeau. Instead, Dalvin Cook came out and absolutely scorched The Packers Defense with 163 yards and 3 touchdowns. The first half was very back and forth, as The Packers and Vikings alternated for 4 straight touchdowns without any punts. But then The Vikings came out with 14 unanswered in the 3rd, and I knew there was no shot Packers would cover -6.5. If I had Dalvin Cook on any of my fantasy teams I’d be happy, but I don’t, so I’ll continue being bitter about the “questionable/doubtful” tags he carried all week

TITANS: I hit on this a little bit last week when they lost too, but I’m hooked on betting The Titans. Basically, I love their chances against anybody because Tannehill is slinging, Derrick Henry can run through a brick wall, and I love everything Vrabel has done to turn this team around big time. All that being said, they laid a very stinky egg against The Bengals in Week 8. The offense and defense both looked like shit, and that’s not exactly a winning combination. Hopefully they can get back on track, because you already know I’m taking them again next week

CHARGERS: I wanted to skip over this recap because my doctor said I need to watch my blood pressure, and thinking back on this game is causing dangerous spikes. The Chargers were up HUGE going into the 4th Quarter, and they allowed 21 unanswered points and lost 31-30. So awesome. I had a lot of fun losing this bet. I hope to do it again next week!

SAINTS: I didn’t really feel good about this bet for the entire game, and that feeling ended up being correct. They went into halftime losing against a Bears team that did not look good at all, but they found ways to look worse. This was one of those games where they should have admitted to themselves that the game plan wasn’t working and the only right move to make at that point is give Kamara 100 touches and let him do his thing, but they didn’t. They did find themselves covering in the 4th, but The Bears crept in and sent it to OT. The Saints would end up winning with a field goal, but the petty asshole in me wanted The Bears to win out of spite. If my Saints bet doesn’t win, then the Saints don’t deserve the win either

BUCS: And now for the one I’ve been dreading all week. When I drop dead from a heart attack in 15-20 years and doctors are scratching their heads wondering why, the stress and anger that this game caused me will be a major contributing factor. The Giants STINK, but The Bucs could not figure out ways to score, despite having the greatest QB of all time on their team and plenty of offensive weapons. Screw the -12 bet though, because I don’t care about that compared to the true heart break. I had Bucs -6.5 as the final leg of 2 teasers, and I needed them desperately because I had a bad week. The Bucs were up 8 with a minute left, and they let Daniel fucking Jones march down the field and score a touchdown with no timeouts. They let them convert on 2 4th downs. TWO!. I wanted to fucking dive off the Tobin Bridge when this happened, but at the end of the day, that’s gambling 🤬

When it rains it pours, and my Why Not Teaser for Week 8 didn’t hit either. As a reminder, this was it:

-Bills +2.5✅

-Titans +.5❌

-Chiefs -13✅

-Seahawks +4✅

Titans really screwed me on this, but not nearly as bad as The Bucs did on those other 2 teasers. I’ve been having some bad luck with the Why Not Teaser since I started it 2 weeks ago, as we’re now 0-2 on the year, but I have a good feeling about this upcoming week

And that’s that. My 5-8-1 record from Week 8 moves my total NFL record for the season to 65-51-3, and I can live with that. I’m not gonna let one bad week get me down, and I’m more than ready to come out swinging in Week 9 to win some of that money back

Week 1: 8-8☑️☑️☑️

Week 2: 8-7-1✅✅✅

Week 3: 9-6-1✅✅✅

Week 4: 10-5✅✅✅

Week 5: 7-7☑️☑️☑️

Week 6: 11-3✅✅✅

Week 7: 7-7☑️☑️☑️

Week 8: 5-8-1❌❌❌



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