NFL Betting Picks (Week 6):

Full disclosure, it’s 2 AM and I’m jotting this blog up as quickly as possible after having an amount of beers that my doctor and mother would likely not describe as “responsible”, so apologies if there are any errors. Shouldn’t be though, because I like to think I’ve mastered the whole “Write while shitfaced” thing, hence the name Booze Blogs

Anyway, Week 6 of the NFL season starts in like 10 hours. Not to suck my own dick or anything, but I’m currently sitting pretty with a betting record of 42-33-2 on the season. No big deal, but kind of a big deal. Jokes aside, because I know it can all unravel in the matter of one bad week, lets skip the small talk and get right into my picks for Week 6


Atlanta Falcons @ Minnesota Vikings: VIKINGS -4

Baltimore Ravens @ Philadelphia Eagles: EAGLES +10.5

Chicago Bears @ Carolina Panthers: BEARS +3

Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts: BENGALS +10 

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers: STEELERS ML 

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots: PATRIOTS -7

Detroit Lions @ Jacksonville Jaguars: LIONS ML

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans: TITANS -3

Washington Redskins @ NY Giants: FOOTBALL TEAM +3

NY Jets @ Miami Dolphins: DOLPHINS -8

Green Bay Packers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: BUCS +3

LA Rams @ San Francisco 49ers: RAMS -2.5


Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills: CHIEFS -5

Arizona Cardinals @ Dallas Cowboys: CARDINALS ML

Those are my picks and I’m sticking to em. I thought about setting an alarm in the morning so I could wake up and review them before final submission, but fuck that. I know I’m drunk, but I think these are good picks, I think I bought the right amount of points where appropriate, and most importantly, momma didn’t raise no bitch, so locking in $1,000+ worth of NFL picks while hammered at 2 AM is a move I’m sure she would approve of. It isn’t the first time it’s happened, and it certainly won’t be the last

While we’re in the “Fuck It” zone, lets move on to this week’s Why Not parlay. If you aren’t familiar, this is a new recurring thing I started a few weeks back where I do a parlay each week. The first one didn’t hit, but last week’s did, so it’s 1-1 on the season. Here is my Why Not parlay for Week 6

-Dolphins ML

-Cardinals ML

-Patriots ML

On most books, these 3 bets ML’d should double your money, and for that reason

Truth be told my original plan was just to parlay Dolphins and Pats, but it felt boring so I added Cards. Do with that information what you will

And that’s that. Those are my picks for Week 6, and since I’m in the hole right now (FUCK the MLB early in those series, killed me), I hope these hit. Good luck to anybody tailing, and if you have any other plays (like over/unders, player props etc.) lets talk about it on Twitter


@ BoozeBlogsChuck

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