NFL Betting Results (Week 5)

We’re now officially through 5 weeks of the 2020-21 NFL season, but it hasn’t been without any hiccups. Games have been delayed or cancelled altogether, and this lead to a very rare Tuesday night football game last night between the Covid-plagued Titans and the Buffalo Bills

Covid or not, the season is pushing on and so are my bets, so let’s take a look at how I did in Week 5


Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Chicago Bears: BUCS -2.5❌❌❌


Arizona Cardinals @ NY Jets: CARDINALS -6.5✅✅✅

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons: FALCONS ML❌❌❌

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens: BENGALS +14❌❌❌

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans: JAGS +7❌❌❌

LA Rams @ Washington Football Team: RAMS -6.5✅✅✅

Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs: CHIEFS -10❌❌❌

Philadelphia Eagles @ Pittsburgh Steelers: STEELERS -6.5✅✅✅

Miami Dolphins @ San Francisco 49ers: DOLPHINS +10✅✅✅

Indianapolis Colts @ Cleveland Browns: BROWNS +3✅✅✅

NY Giants @ Dallas Cowboys: GIANTS +10✅✅✅

Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks: SEAHAWKS -6.5❌❌❌

LA Chargers @ New Orleans Saints: CHARGERS +10✅✅✅


Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans: BILLS ML❌❌❌

When Week 5 came to an end last night, my record was an even 7-7. You can’t stay hot forever, and this marks the second time I’ve had an even week this year. Of course winning money is the better outcome, but I’d also much rather stay even than lose money, so it’s left me feeling like

So what went wrong this week? Plenty of things. In hindsight I obviously ended up making some wrong picks, but truth be told I liked these picks and would probably make them again if these games were played again. Anyway, let’s do a quick breakdown of this week’s losses

Bucs: The Bucs lost because of their continued discipline issues. Plain and simple. Foles did not look great for a majority of the game, but turnovers and stupid penalties at horrible times killed any chance of covering the spread here. Ultimately, they beat themselves this week

Falcons: This might be the only pick that I hated, but I can’t even blame them at this point because it’s my fault for continuing to trust these bums. They finally fired Dan Quinn though, so maybe they’ll turn things around. Ah who am I kidding, The Falcons will still be The Falcons

Bengals: They just couldn’t get any sort of offense going in this one, and The Ravens offense cut through the Bengals D like a hot knife through butter, so a backdoor cover wasn’t even remotely possible. However, I don’t hate this pick because if I see a spread that big I’m taking it 90% of the time. I don’t care if it’s a rookie QB against a great team. 2 free touchdowns? Gimme it

Chiefs: This was clearly the biggest upset of the week. The Raiders came into Arrowhead ready to play and throttled The Chiefs, although the final score doesn’t do it justice because Mahomes did put one more last second TD on the board. I doubt anybody saw this coming, and I know I’m not alone in being on the wrong side of this one

Seahawks: Seattle started out way too slow in this game. I don’t know how, but it seemed like The Vikings had the ball for the entire first half. The Seahawks would eventually make a great comeback and end up winning the game, but it was too little too late for us -6.5 bettors

Bills: This one really stung. The Titans are a good team, but all of the recent time spent off the field due to positive Covid tests completely swayed my judgement here. Josh Allen and The Bills have been red hot lately, so it just seemed like the safer pick. Granted I was aware that eventually The Bills would return to their usual selves, which they did through a series of turnovers and costly penalties (especially the roughing the passer on 3rd down when Titans were in the red zone), but I didn’t think it was going to happen this week

In more positive news, my Why Not Parlay for Week 5 hit! In case you forgot, this is a new recurring thing that I started last week and will be doing all season. Week 5’s Why Not Parlay was Cardinals ML, Steelers ML, and Seahawks ML (+110 odds). The Why Not Parlay is now 1-1 on the year, and with this win I technically had a positive week, but for the sake of record keeping let’s keep it even at 7-7

And that’s that. I went 7-7 in Week 5, plus the Why Not Parlay, so I can’t really complain. There’s no Thursday Night Football this week, so I have a few days to regroup and make my picks for Week 6. I’ll have that blog up on either Saturday night or Sunday morning, and let’s hope I can keep the good fortune I’ve had so far this season alive

2020-21 NFL Record So Far: 42-33-2💰💰💰

Week 1: 8-8☑️☑️☑️

Week 2: 8-7-1✅✅✅

Week 3: 9-6-1✅✅✅

Week 4: 10-5✅✅✅

Week 5: 7-7☑️☑️☑️


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