NFL Betting Picks (Week 5)

In a little over an hour, the bulk part of Week 5 on the NFL season is set to start. With the exception of the Bills/Titans game and the Patriots/Broncos game—both of which have been moved due to positive Covid tests—everything seems to be moving along as planned

I’m currently sitting pretty NFL gambling wise this year with a record of 35-26-2. But as I’ve seen all too often, all it takes is one bad week to knock down whatever success you’ve created. Will this be my week? I certainly hope not, but either way, let’s take a look at who I’m going with in Week 5


Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Chicago Bears: BUCS -2.5❌❌❌


Arizona Cardinals @ NY Jets: CARDINALS -6.5

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons: FALCONS ML

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens: BENGALS +14

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans: JAGS +7

LA Rams @ Washington Football Team: RAMS -6.5

Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs: CHIEFS -10

Philadelphia Eagles @ Pittsburgh Steelers: STEELERS -6.5

Miami Dolphins @ San Francisco 49ers: DOLPHINS +10

Indianapolis Colts @ Cleveland Browns: BROWNS +3

NY Giants @ Dallas Cowboys: GIANTS +10

Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks: SEAHAWKS -6.5

LA Chargers @ New Orleans Saints: CHARGERS +10

Similar to last week, I have a bad feeling about Week 5. There’s just something about a lot of these matchups that didn’t sit right with me, and I changed a few of my picks at last second this morning. Here’s to hoping that these changes don’t bite me in the ass and end up working out like they did in Week 4

And before I completely wrap this blog up, allow me to reintroduce something that I plan on doing every week: The Why Not Parlay. Last week’s Why Not Parlay didn’t hit, but I think I got a little too cocky by going with 5 teams. This week, I’m only doing a 3 team parlay for a little more than even odds that I think has a good chance of hitting. My Why Not Parlay for Week 5 is

-Cardinals ML

-Steelers ML

-Seahawks ML

This parlay yield just above even money (about +110). Will it hit? Probably not. Am I still gonna submit it and pray that it does all day?

And there ya have it: My picks for Week 5. Kickoff is a little more than an hour away, and I’m excited for another Sunday on my couch. Good luck to everybody out there that is also gambling their paychecks away today, and let’s help that these teams cover the damn spreads


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