NFL Betting Results (Week 3)

We’ve now entered into Week 4 of the 2020-21 NFL season, and surprisingly, I’m not doing that bad so far. I came into Week 3 with a positive record of 16-15-1, so was I able to keep this trend going in Week 3? Let’s take a look and find out


Dolphins @ Jaguars: JAGUARS -2.5❌❌❌


Bengals @ Eagles: BENGALS +5✅✅✅

Titans @ Vikings: TITANS -2.5❌❌❌

Raiders @ Patriots: PATRIOTS -6✅✅✅

49ers @ Giants: 49ERS -3✅✅✅

Football Team @ Browns: FOOTBALL TEAM +7.5❌❌❌

Rams @ Bills: RAMS +3☑️☑️☑️

Bears @ Falcons: FALCONS -3❌❌❌

Texans @ Steelers: STEELERS -3✅✅✅

Panthers @ Chargers: CHARGERS -6❌❌❌

Jets @ Colts: COLTS -10✅✅✅

Cowboys @ Seahawks: SEAHAWKS -5✅✅✅

Buccaneers @ Broncos: BUCS -6✅✅✅

Lions @ Cardinals: CARDINALS -6❌❌❌

Packers @ Saints: PACKERS +3.5✅✅✅


Chiefs @ Ravens: CHIEFS +4✅✅✅

When all was said and done, I went 9-6-1 in Week 3. Last time I checked, that’s another positive week

Although a small sample size, Week 3 was my best week so far and a much needed boost for my gambling confidence. As far as Week 3’s “How did you not cover?” games go, it was pretty much just The Falcons. Dan Quinn still having a job after another collapse like that is amazing. Infuriating for everybody like me that bet on them, but still amazing

I’ll be working on my Week 4 picks over the next 24 hours, and will hopefully have that blog posted tomorrow night. I’m already 1-0 in Week 4 so far after that Broncos win last night, so let’s keep the ball rolling

2020-21 NFL Record So Far: 25-21-2

Week 1: 8-8☑️☑️☑️

Week 2: 8-7-1✅✅✅

Week 3: 9-6-1✅✅✅

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