NFL Betting Picks (Week 3)

I know I keep saying I’m going to post these on Saturday, but promises are meant to be broken. Little life season for you guys: Never trust anybody. Especially some random blogger on the Internet that’s named after a Chappelle’s Show character

Anyway, I’m coming off of a positive week in Week 2 (8-7-1), so let’s see if I can keep the ball rolling. Here’s who I’m going with for Week 3


Dolphins @ Jaguars: JAGUARS -2.5❌❌❌


Bengals @ Eagles: BENGALS +5

Titans @ Vikings: TITANS -2.5

Raiders @ Patriots: PATRIOTS -6

49ers @ Giants: 49ERS -3

Football Team @ Browns: FOOTBALL TEAM +7.5

Rams @ Bills: RAMS +3

Bears @ Falcons: FALCONS -3

Texans @ Steelers: STEELERS -3

Panthers @ Chargers: CHARGERS -6

Jets @ Colts: COLTS -10

Cowboys @ Seahawks: SEAHAWKS -5

Buccaneers @ Broncos: BUCS -6

Lions @ Cardinals: CARDINALS -6

Packers @ Saints: PACKERS +3.5


Chiefs @ Ravens: CHIEFS +4

Once again, went with a nice little mix of favorites and underdogs that I feel pretty good about. Kickoff for the first slate of games is less than an hour away, so the only thing to do now is wait and see how it goes. Good luck everybody

2020-21 NFL Results So Far

Week 1: 8-8☑️☑️☑️

Week 2: 8-7-1✅✅✅

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