NFL Betting Results (Week 1)

Just like that, Week 1 of the 2020-21 NFL season is in the books. It felt really good to have the first lazy Red Zone Sunday of the season, and knowing that there are many more to come has left me feeling optimistic for the first time in a long time because of this terrible year

So how did I do in Week 1? Let’s take a look


Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs: TEXANS +10❌❌❌


Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions: BEARS +3✅✅✅

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens: RAVENS -7✅✅✅

Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings: VIKINGS -2.5 ❌❌❌

Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars: COLTS -8❌❌❌

Las Vegas Raiders @ Carolina Panthers: RAIDERS -2.5✅✅✅

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots: PATRIOTS -6.5✅✅✅

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills: BILLS -6.5✅✅✅

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Football Team: EAGLES -6❌❌❌

Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons: SEAHAWKS ML✅✅✅

LA Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals: CHARGERS -2.5✅✅✅

Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers: CARDINALS +8✅✅✅

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints: BUCS +4❌❌❌

Dallas Cowboys @ LA Rams: COWBOYS ML❌❌❌

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New York Giants: GIANTS +7❌❌❌

Tennessee Titans @ Denver Broncos: TITANS -2.5❌❌❌

After getting off to a bad start with a loss in the Thursday night game, I turned it around and got hot in the early and afternoon games on Sunday. Heading into Sunday night’s Cowboys/Rams game, I was feeling really good and thought I might have a profitable week on my hands. But unfortunately, The Gambling Gods weren’t about to let that happen, and The Cowboys lost and then I went 0-2 on MNF😩

So when all was said and done, I ended up going 8-8 for Week 1 of this NFL season. Could be better obviously, but considering I didn’t lose any money, I’ll take it. Starting the season by not plummeting myself into a hole of debt can do wonders for your confidence, so hopefully I can work off of this and get some profit next week

The tentative schedule for my recurring NFL blogs this season will be this:

-Tweet out Thursday night pick (@ BoozeBlogsChuck if you aren’t already following) an hour or so before kickoff

-Blog with that week’s complete picks, as well as my Draft Kings power rankings blog, will get posted on Saturday night/Sunday morning

-Weekly results blog, like this one, will be posted on Tuesdays usually, but of course I botched that already and it’s only Week 1 lol

That’s all for now folks. Follow me on Twitter @ BoozeBlogsChuck and keep an eye out for my TNF pick tomorrow

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