NFL Betting Picks (WEEK 13)

In what has unfortunately become the norm these past few weeks, I am late as fuck posting these. I would apologize, but it would be disingenuous and I highly doubt anybody actually reads these. Anyway, Week 13 is here, the bye weeks are done, and we’ve got nothing but full slates from here on out. Will I be able to capitalize on this and straighten out my horrid gambling record for this NFL season? probably not, but I’m gonna try anyway. Here’s who I’m going with this week.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (EVEN) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (EVEN): BUCCANEERS ML

San Francisco 49ers (+4) @ Baltimore Ravens (-4): RAVENS -4

NY Jets (-3) @ Cincinnati Bengals (+3): JETS -3

Cleveland Browns (-1) @ pittsburgh Steelers (+1): BROWNS -1

Washington Redskins (+9) @ Carolina Panthers (-9): PANTHERS -9

Green Bay Packers (-6) @ NY Giants (+6): PACKERS -6

Philadelphia Eagles (-11) @ Miami Dolphins (+11): DOLPHINS +11

Tennessee Titans (+3) @ Indianapolis Colts (-3): TITANS +3

Oakland Raiders (+10) @ Kansas City Chiefs (-10): CHIEFS -10

LA Chargers (-2) @ Denver Broncos (+2): CHARGERS -2

LA Rams (-5) @ Arizona Cardinals (+5): CARDINALS +5

New England Patriots (-3) @ Houston Texans (+3): PATRIOTS -3


Minnesota Vikings (+3) @ Seattle Seahawks (-3): SEAHAWKS -3

Not really any groundbreaking rationale behind these picks because that gets me nowhere. I’ve decided to return back to my old reliable way of picking games: Last second picks the night before a couple beers deep. In all honesty, fade these picks and you’ll probably end up in good shape. I am getting dangerously close to going full Costanza style and  betting on the opposite of my initial pick, and if this week goes badly, I am switching to that.

That’s all for now. I’m finishing up my Draft Kings blog right now, and I promise I’ll actually post it this time instead of giving up halfway through and going out instead like last week. Good luck this week.

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