NFL Betting Results (WEEK 11)

When Monday night’s Chiefs/Chargers game came to an end, signifying the end of Week 11, there was one song and one song only that I felt the urge to listen to

I can’t explain why this song was what my brain craved immediately after the game, but I wasn’t about to argue with myself over it because Thin Lizzy kicks ass. You can probably tell from this little piece of info that I was in high spirits and must have had a good week, and for what feels like the first time in the history of doing these blogs, you’d be right. Let’s take a look at how my picks did in Week 11.


Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) @ Detroit Lions (+3.5): COWBOYS -3.5 FINAL SCORE: 35-27 COWBOYS (WIN)

Jacksonville Jaguars (+2.5) @ Indianapolis Colts (-2.5): COLTS -2.5 FINAL SCORE: 33-13 COLTS (WIN) 

Atlanta Falcons (+5.5) @ Carolina panthers (-5.5): FALCONS +5.5 FINAL SCORE: 29-3 FALCONS (WIN) 

Buffalo Bills (-5.5) @ Miami Dolphins (+5.5): BILLS -5.5 FINAL SCORE: 37-20 BILLS (WIN) 

Houston Texans (+7.5) @ Baltimore Ravens (-7.5): RAVENS -7.5 FINAL SCORE: 41-7 RAVENS (WIN) 

Denver Broncos (+10.5) @ Minnesota Vikings (-10.5): VIKINGS -10.5 FINAL SCORE: 27-23 VIKINGS (LOSS) 

NY Jets (+1.5) @ Washington Redskins (-1.5): JETS +1.5 FINAL SCORE: 34-17 JETS (WIN) 

New Orleans Saints (-5.5) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+5.5): SAINTS -5.5 FINAL SCORE: 34-17 SAINTS (WIN) 

Arizona Cardinals (+13.5) @ San Francisco 49ers (-13.5): CARDINALS +13.5 FINAL SCORE: 36-26 49ERS (WIN) 

New England patriots (-3.5) @ philadelphia Eagles (+5.5): PATRIOTS -3.5 FINAL SCORE: 17-10 pATRIOTS (WIN) 

Cincinnati Bengals (+10.5) @ Oakland Raiders (-10.5): RAIDERS -10.5 FINAL SCORE: 17-10 RAIDERS (LOSS) 

Chicago Bears (+6.5) @ LA Rams (-6.5): BEARS +6.5 FINAL SCORE: 17-7 RAMS (LOSS)


Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5) @ LA Chargers (+3.5): CHIEFS -3.5 FINAL SCORE: 24-17 CHIEFS (WIN)

For the second time this season, I’ve cracked the double digit mark and ended up going 10-3 in Week 11. Now I’m not saying I deserve I round of applause or anything, but 


All 5 of you that have been following along with my gambling escapades this season know how rough of a road it’s been, so forgive me if I feel like taking a second to celebrate this small victory in a war that I’m losing by a wide margin.

This 10-3 week brings my season record to an improved (but still pretty embarrassing) 63-99. Eh. So what that I have a losing record and have lost close to a thousand dollars betting on regular season football games in 2 and half months. Believe it or not, I have done way dumber things in my life, so this is just another number to add to my list. plus, the season isn’t over just yet. If I can string a few more positive weeks like this together, I might be able to turn this season around and break even. It’s a long shot, but a kid can dream. 

That’s all for now. If you want to follow along with my daily NHL and NBA picks, follow me on Twitter @BoozeBlogsChuck

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