NFL Betting Picks (Week 9)

Week 9 of the NFL season kicks off tonight in Arizona, and is is tradition, I’ve got some picks to make. When I did the first cursory look at this week’s matchups, I didn’t like what I saw. The spreads are tighter than a clenched butthole (Sorry for putting that image in your head), but let’s take a look at who I’m going with in Week 9


San Francisco 49ers (-9.5) @ Arizona Cardinals (+9.5): 49ERS -9.5


Houston Texans (-2.5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (+2.5): JAGUARS +2.5

Minnesota Vikings (+2.5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (-2.5): VIKINGS +2.5

NY Jets (-5.5) @ Miami Dolphins (+5.5): JETS -5.5

Indianapolis Colts (-.5) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (+.5): COLTS -.5

Chicago Bears (+4.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles (-4.5): EAGLES -4.5

Tennessee Titans (+3.5) @ Carolina Panthers (-3.5): PANTHERS -3.5

Washington Redskins (+9.5) @ Buffalo Bills (-9.5): BILLS -9.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+6.5) @ Seattle Seahawks (-6.5): SEAHAWKS -6.5

Detroit Lions (+2.5) @ Oakland Raiders (-2.5): LIONS +2.5

Cleveland Browns (-2.5) @ Denver Broncos (+2.5): BROWNS -2.5

Green Bay Packers (-3.5) @ LA Chargers (+3.5): PACKERS -3.5

New England Patriots (-3.5) @ Baltimore Ravens (+3.5): PATRIOTS -3.5

Dallas Cowboys (-7.5) @ NY Giants (+7.5): COWBOYS -7.5

Like I said above, there’s a lot of small spreads this week. This is one of those weeks where field goals are going to be huge for those 2.5 and 3.5 spreads. Like every week, I basically just said “Fuck it” and put a unit on whatever my guy was feeling. I’m coming off of a decent stretch right now, so what can go wrong? Well besides losing all of my bets and a shitload of money in the process, I guess nothing. Why do I do this to myself? I have no idea, but I hope it works out. Good luck to everybody this week.

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