NFL Draft Kings Guide (WEEK 8)

Although I’m slacking and haven’t posted my betting or Draft Kings results from Week 7 yet, I can assure you that money was made. How much exactly? Well you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow (Hopefully) when my lazy ass finishes those blogs up. But seeing as it’s Thursday and we have a game tonight, I decided to at least get this blog up before it starts.

Let’s take a look at my position power rankings for Week 8


1. Jared Goff ($6,800) VS. Cincinnati Bengals 

2. Josh Allen ($6,500) VS. Philadelphia Eagles 

3. Matt Stafford ($6,100) VS. NY Giants

4. Russell Wilson ($7,200) VS. Atlanta Falcons 

5. Deshaun Watson ($7,100) VS. Oakland Raiders 

Cheaper Sleepers- Mason Rudolph ($5,300) VS. Miami Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill ($5,100) VS. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


1. Leonard Fournette ($7,800) VS. NY Jets 

2. Dalvin Cook ($8,700) VS. Washington Redskins 

3. Chris Carson ($7,000) VS. Atlanta Falcons 

4. Aaron Jones ($6,800) VS. Kansas City Chiefs 

5. Saquon Barkley ($8,900) VS. Detroit Lions 

Cheaper Sleepers- Austin Ekeler ($5,900) VS. Chicago Bears and James White ($5,100) VS. Cleveland Browns 


1. Tyler Lockett ($7,000) VS. Atlanta Falcons 

2. Kenny Golladay ($6,400) VS. NY Giants 

3. Stefon Diggs ($8,000) VS. Washington Redskins

4. Michael Thomas ($8,000) VS. Arizona Cardinals 

5. Tyreek Hill ($7,600) VS. Green Bay 

Cheaper Sleepers- Juju Smith-Schuster ($6,500) VS. Miami Dolphins, Courtland Sutton ($5,300) VS. Indianapolis Colts, and Cole Beasley ($4,200) VS. philadelphia Eagles 


1. Hunter Henry ($4,900) VS. Chicago Bears 

2. Austin Hooper ($5,500) VS. Seattle Seahawks 

3. Travis Kelce ($7,200) VS. Green Bay packers 

4. Evan Engram ($5,300) VS. Detroit Lions 

5. Kyle Rudolph ($3,800) VS. Washington Redskins 

Cheaper Sleepers- None


1. patriots ($4,300) VS. Cleveland Browns 

2. Steelers ($4,000) VS. Miami Dolphins 

3. Rams ($3,800) VS. Cincinnati Bengals 

4. Vikings ($3,900) VS. Washington Redskins 

5. 49ers ($3,700) VS. Carolina panthers 

Cheaper Sleepers- None 


QUARTERBACK- Josh Allen ($6,500) VS. Philadelphia Eagles

RUNNING BACK- Austin Ekeler ($5,900) VS. Chicago Bears

RUNNING BACK- James White ($5,100) VS. Cleveland Browns

WIDE RECEIVER- Stefan Diggs ($8,000) VS. Washington Redskins

WIDE RECEIVER- Kenny Golladay ($6,400) VS. NY Giants

WIDE RECEIVER- Cole Beasley ($4,200) VS. Philadelphia Eagles

TIGHT END-  Austin Hooper ($5,000) VS. Seattle Seahawks

FLEX- Danny Amendola ($4,100) VS. NY Giants

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- Patriots ($4,300) VS. Cleveland Browns



QUARTERBACK- Matt Stafford ($6,100) VS. NY Giants

RUNNING BACK- Dalvin Cook ($8,700) VS. Washington Redskins

RUNNING BACK- Leonard Fournette ($7,800) VS. NY Jets

WIDE RECEIVER- Kenny Golladay ($6,400) VS. NY Giants

WIDE RECEIVER- Cole Beasley ($4,200) VS. Philadelphia Eagles

WIDE RECEIVER- Danny Amendola ($4,100) VS. NY Giants

TIGHT END- Hunter Henry ($4,900) VS. Chicago Bears

FLEX- TJ Hockenson ($3,900) VS. NY Giants

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- Patriots ($4,300) VS. Cleveland Browns



QUARTERBACK- Mason Rudolph ($5,300) VS. Miami Dolphins

RUNNING BACK- Dalvin Cook ($8,700) VS. Washington Redskins

RUNNING BACK- Leonard Fournette ($7,800) VS. NY Jets

WIDE RECEIVER- Juju Smith-Schuster ($6,500) VS. Miami Dolphins

WIDE RECEIVER- Courtland Sutton ($5,300) VS. Miami Dolphins

WIDE RECEIVER- Diontae Johnson ($4,700) VS. Miami Dolphins

TIGHT END- Vance McDonald ($3,900) VS. Miami Dolphins

FLEX- Kyle Rudolph ($3,800) VS. Washington Redskins

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- Steelers ($4,000) VS. Miami Dolphins


I haven’t been having as strong of a Draft Kings showing as I did last year. I don’t know what the difference really is yet and that’s what I’ve been trying to figure out through trial and error. This week, I went with 1 completely random team (Team 1) and then 2 teams that rely heavily on one particular team (Teams 2 and 3). I did that because I really like the matchups and I hope that there is enough offense to go around for everybody, but it’s a dangerous game. For example, last week all of the Lions TD’s went to Marvin Jones instead of Kenny Golladay, which really screwed me. I’m praying to the Fantasy Gods that this doesn’t happen again.

As for what players I think will have good weeks and played in multiple lineups, I think it’s pretty obvious. Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette, Kenny Golladay, Danny Amendola and Cole Beasley (Both just salary moves) and Patriots Defense. So basically, it’s all or nothing this week depending on how those players perform.

Well that’s it. I did this really quick on my break so I don’t have a lot of time to shoot the breeze about scenarios that probably won’t even happen. I will say this though: These are my least favorite lineups that I’ve made all year. As always, nothing to do now but hope that everybody finds the end zone in Week 8. Good luck everybody.

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