NFL Betting Results (WEEK 6)

Everybody that has been following along since either last season or this season knows that I couldn’t pick a winner if my life depended on it. I was hoping that taking Week 5 off would reset my gambling luck clock, but it seems that wasn’t the case and Week 6 was just as brutal as every other week has been.

Let’s take a look at how I did in Week 6.


NY Giants (+16.5) @ New England patriots (-16.5): PATRIOTS -16.5 FINAL SCORE: 35-14 PATRIOTS (WIN)


Carolina Panthers (-2.5) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2.5): BUCCANEERS +2.5 FINAL SCORE: 37-26 pANTHERS (LOSS)

New Orleans Saints (+1.5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-1.5): SAINTS +1.5 FINAL SCORE: 13-6 SAINTS (WIN) 

Houston Texans (+5.5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5): CHIEFS -5.5 FINAL SCORE 31-24 TEXANS (LOSS) 

Philadelphia Eagles (+2.5) @ Minnesota Vikings (-2.5): EAGLES +2.5 FINAL SCORE: 38-20 VIKINGS (LOSS) 

Cincinatti Bengals (+11.5) @ Baltimore Ravens (-11.5): RAVENS -11.5 FINAL SCORE: 23-17 RAVENS (LOSS) 

Seattle Seahawks (+2.5) @ Cleveland Browns (-2.5): SEAHAWKS +2.5 FINAL SCORE: 32-28 SEAHAWKS (WIN) 

Washington Redskins (-3.5) @ Miami Dolphins (+3.5): REDSKINS -3.5 FINAL SCORE: 17-16 REDSKINS (LOSS) 

Atlanta Falcons (-1.5) @ Arizona Cardinals (+1.5): FALCONS -1.5 FINAL SCORE: 34-33 CARDINALS (LOSS) 

San Francisco 49ers (+4.5) @ LA Rams (-4.5): 49ERS +4.5 FINAL SCORE: 20-7 49ERS (WIN)

Dallas Cowboys (-8.5) @ NY Jets (+8.5): COWBOYS -8.5 FINAL SCORE: 24-22 JETS (LOSS) 

Tennessee Titans (+2.5) @ Denver Broncos (-2.5): BRONCOS -2.5 FINAL SCORE: 16-0 BRONCOS (WIN) 

Pittsburgh Steelers (+6.5) @ LA Chargers (-6.5): CHARGERS -6.5 FINAL SCORE: 24-17 STEELERS (LOSS) 


Detroit Lions (+4.5) @ Green Bay Packers (-4.5): PACKERS -4.5 FINAL SCORE: 23-22 PACKERS (LOSS)


When all was said and done in Week 6, I went 5-9. At this point, doing bad doesn’t surprise me anymore and I just take it in stride. When you’ve lost all hope and you’re at rock bottom, the only way to go is up.

I’m not gonna sit here and pontificate about all of the bullshit backdoor covers that fucked me over this week, and instead I’m just gonna wait for my paycheck to cash tomorrow and go right back into the mud for Week 7.

This brings my betting record for this season to a disgusting 26-68, which is so terrible that it’s hilarious. I’ve been saying to do it all along, and I hope some of you have been fading me and becoming rich. At least that way there is some good coming out of this. Fuck it, we’re on to Week 7.

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