NFL Draft Kings Guide (WEEK 4)

When it rains and pours, and for the first time this season I had bad weeks on both my game picks and on Draft Kings. In the distance, I can hear the world’s smallest violin playing as I sit here at my desk and write this blog.

But the same way that addicts are hooked on their drugs of choice, I am hooked on making game bets and Draft Kings lineups. For that reason, I’m coming right back with another guide for Week 4, and hopefully I can get back to success I had during Week 1 and 2.

Here are my power rankings for Week 4.


1. Dak Prescott ($6,300) VS. New Orleans Saints

2. Pat Mahomes ($7,500) VS. Detroit Lions

3. Russell Wilson ($6,100) VS. Arizona Cardinals

4. Matt Ryan ($5,900) VS. Tennessee Titans

5. Lamar Jackson ($6,900) VS. Cleveland Browns

Cheaper Sleepers- Jacoby Brissett ($5,400) VS. Oakland Raiders, Daniel Jones ($5,300) VS. Washington Redskins, and Andy Dalton ($5,200) VS. Pittsburgh Steelers


1. Austin Ekeler ($8,000) VS. Miami Dolphins

2. Mark Ingram ($6,600) VS. Cleveland Browns

3. Dalvin Cook ($8,300) VS. Chicago Bears

4. Ezekiel Elliot ($8,900) VS. New Orleans Saints

5. Alvin Kamara ($8,500) VS. Dallas Cowboys

Cheaper Sleepers- James White ($4,900) VS. Buffalo Bills and Darrel Williams ($4,700) VS. Detroit Lions


1. Sammy Watkins ($6,700) VS. Detroit Lions

2. Keenan Allen ($7,600) VS. Miami Dolphins

3. Tyler Lockett ($6,300) VS. Arizona Cardinals

4. Julio Jones ($7,800) VS. Tennessee Titans

5. Tyler Boyd ($6,200) VS. pittsburgh Steelers

Cheaper Sleepers- Kenny Golladay ($5,900) VS. Kansas City, Sterling Shepard ($5,800) VS. Washington Redskins, Demarcus Robinson ($5,200) VS. Kansas City, and John Ross ($4,900) VS. Pittsburgh Steelers


1. Evan Engram ($5,700) VS. Washington Redskins

2. Darren Waller ($5,200) VS. Indianapolis Colts

3. Austin Hooper ($4,300) VS. Tennessee Titans

4. Travis Kelce ($7,200) VS. Detroit Lions

5. Jason Witten ($3,900) VS. New Orleans Saints

Cheaper Sleepers- Will Dissly ($3,600) VS. Arizona Cardinals


1. Jaguars ($3,700) VS. Denver Broncos

2. Patriots ($3,700) VS. Buffalo Bills

3.Packers ($3,100) VS. Philadelphia Eagles

4. Rams ($3,500) VS. Tampa Bay Bucs

5. Chargers ($3,800) VS. Miami Dolphins

Cheaper Sleepers- None. In fact, I don’t even really like the Chargers at 5.

And here are the 3 teams I’m submitting this week.


QUARTERBACK- Russell Wilson ($6,100) VS. Arizona Cardinals

RUNNING BACK- Austin Ekeler ($8,000) VS. Miami Dolphins

RUNNING BACK- Mark Ingram ($6,600) VS. Cleveland Browns

WIDE RECEIVER- Tyler Lockett ($6,300) VS. Arizona Cardinals

WIDE RECEIVER- Demarcus Robinson ($5,200) VS. Detroit Lions

WIDE RECEIVER- Mecole Hardman ($5,100) VS. Detroit Lions

TIGHT END- Evan Engram ($5,700) VS. Washington Redskins

FLEX- Will Dissly ($3,600) VS. Arizona Cardinals

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- Packers ($3,100) VS. Eagles



QUARTERBACK- Daniel Jones ($5,300) VS. Washington Redskins

RUNNING BACK- Dalvin Cook ($8,300) VS. Chicago Bears

RUNNING BACK- Mark Ingram ($6,600) VS. Cleveland Browns

WIDE RECEIVER- Julio Jones ($7,800) VS. Tennessee Titans

WIDE RECEIVER- Sterling Shepard ($5,800) VS. Washington Redskins

WIDE RECEIVER- Darius Slayton ($3,200) VS. Washington Redskins

TIGHT END- Evan Engram ($5,700) VS. Washington Redskins

FLEX- Will Dissley ($3,600) VS. Arizona Cardinals

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- Jaguars ($3,700) VS. Denver Broncos



QUARTERBACK- Dak Prescott ($6,300) VS. New Orleans Saints

RUNNING BACK- Austin Ekeler ($8,000) VS. Miami Dolphins

RUNNING BACK- Mark Ingram ($6,600) VS. Cleveland Browns

WIDE RECEIVER- Amari Cooper ($7,300) VS. New Orleans Saints

WIDE RECEIVER- DK Metcalf ($4,800) VS. Arizona Cardinals

WIDE RECEIVER- Devin Smith ($3,700) VS. New Orleans Saints

TIGHT END- Evan Engram ($5,700) VS. Washington Redskins

FLEX- Jason Witten ($3,900) VS. New Orleans

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- Patriots ($3,700) VS. Buffalo Bills


So I think I should point out a few things about these lineups that make them a little different than usual. For starters, I loaded up my teams based around the QB. If you look at each lineup, I put multiple receivers from that team in the same lineup. This is something I usually try not to do because I like having a mixed bag of players from different teams, but I’m gonna test this out because I really like the matchups.

Another thing I did was leave $300 in remaining salary for my first team. Basically what happened was I drafted my team, really liked what I had, and anytime I tried to add in that 300 bucks it kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Sometimes less is more, and we’ll see how it goes.

As for what players I think will have big weeks and showed that by playing them in multiple lineups, I really like Austin Ekeler, Mark Ingram, Evan Engram, and Will Dissly. This is Ekeler’s last time to shine so to speak before Melvin Gordon comes back next week, and he gets to do it against a brutal Dolphins team. Mark Ingram has been creeping up to the top of the RB list lately, and is currently sitting at #5. The Browns D hasn’t been terrible, but they have been getting ran over by running backs this year. Evan Engram and new Giants QB Daniel Jones seem to have some chemistry, and the favorable Redskins matchup made him a must play for me. And finally, Will Dissly has been sneakily very productive lately with 3 touchdowns and 100+ yards the past 2 weeks. The Cardinals have been having a tough time stopping the pass, especially against tight ends, so I hope him and Russ keep it going this week.

So that’s that. As always, nothing to do now but wait and see if these lineups pan out the way I’m hoping the will. Fingers crossed that everybody finds the endzone this weekend.

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