NFL Betting Picks (WEEK 4)

If you read my Week 3 Results blog, you know that I wasn’t exactly red hot last week. These spreads are going to put me in an early grave, and it sort of adds insult to injury that I stated in last week’s blog that felt “really good” about my picks. Boy was I wrong (Again).

A friend of mine suggested that I go full George Costanza and pick the opposite of what I normally would, which is a strategy I’ve used in desperation before. I’m not quite there yet, but we’re getting dangerously close. If this week goes badly, it’s Costanza time.

Anyway, let’s take a look at who I’m going with for Week 4.


Philadelphia Eagles (+4.5) @ Green Bay Packers (-4.5): PACKERS -4.5


Washington Redskins (+2.5) @ NY Giants (-2.5): NY GIANTS -2.5

Cleveland Browns (+6.5) @ Baltimore Ravens (-6.5): RAVENS -6.5

New England Patriots (-7.5) @ Buffalo Bills (+7.5): PATRIOTS -7.5

Oakland Raiders (+6.5) @ Indianapolis Colts (-6.5): COLTS -6.5

Carolina panthers (+4.5) @ Houston Texans (-4.5): TEXANS -4.5

Tennessee Titans (+3.5) @ Atlanta Falcons (-3.5): FALCONS -3.5

Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5) @ Detroit Lions (+6.5): CHIEFS -6.5

LA Chargers (-16.5) @ Miami Dolphins (+16.5): DOLPHINS +16.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+9.5) @ LA Rams (-9.5): RAMS -9.5 

Seattle Seahawks (-4.5) @ Arizona Cardinals (+4.5): SEAHAWKS -4.5

Minnesota Vikings (+2.5) @ Chicago Bears (-2.5): BEARS -2.5

Jacksonville Jaguars (+2.5) @ Denver Broncos (-2.5): JAGUARS +2.5

Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) @ New Orleans (+3.5): COWBOYS -3.5


Cincinatti Bengals (+4.5) @ pittsburgh Steelers (-4.5): BENGALS +4.5

 Apparently I’ll never learn from my mistakes, because this week I am going heavy on favorites once again. I’m only taking the points on 3 occasions in Week 4, so I guess my thinking is that at some The favorites NEED to cover.

I guess one of the only positive things I have going right now is that I’ve at least gotten a good look at all of the teams at this point, so hopefully I’ll be able to turn this pathetic performance around and reach double digit wins for the first time this year.

That’s all for now. I’m finishing up my Week 4 Draft Kings blog right now and I’m hoping to have that up in a few so be on the lookout for what I’m hoping will be a bounce back week in that department as well.

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