NFL Draft Kings Results (WEEK 2)

 For those that have been following along since last year, Draft Kings has been my bread and butter as far as NFL betting goes. Now I’m not gonna sit here and pretend I’m Rain Man or anything like that, but I have definitely had much better results on Draft Kings than I have on game betting, which in retrospect isn’t difficult to do because my game bets suck shit covered ass.

Anyway, my Team 1 last week set the bar high by putting up 210.52 points, a mark that I didn’t even come close to this week. However, I still managed to double my money and then some with 2/3 of my teams, so let’s take a look at how my lineups did in Week 2.


QUARTERBACK-  Matt Stafford ($5,200) VS. LA Chargers (17.10) 

RUNNING BACK- Alvin Kamara ($8,200) VS. LA Rams (7.00)

RUNNING BACK- Le’Veon Bell ($7,600) VS. Cleveland Browns (21.90)

WIDE RECEIVER- Julian Edelman ($6,900) VS. Miami Dolphins (9.20) 

WIDE RECEIVER- Kenny Golladay ($6,600) VS. LA Chargers (28.70) 

WIDE RECEIVER- Will Fuller ($5,300) VS. Jacksonville Jaguars (8.00) 

TIGHT END- TJ Hockenson ($3,000) VS. LA Chargers (1.70) 

FLEX- Tyrell Williams ($4,400) VS. Kansas City Chiefs (15.60)

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- 49ers ($2,800) VS. Cincinatti Bengals (7.00) 


TOTAL pOINTS: 116.20


QUARTERBACK- Dak Prescott ($6,300) VS. Washington Redskins (28.66)

RUNNING BACK- Dalvin Cook ($7,200) VS. Green Bay packers (31.10) 

RUNNING BACK- Austin Ekeler ($6,100) VS. Detroit Lions (24.30) 

WIDE RECEIVER- Julio Jones ($7,300) VS. philadelphia Eagles (30.60)

WIDE RECEIVER- Sammy Watkins ($7,200) VS. Oakland Raiders (10.90) 

WIDE RECEIVER- Michael Gallup ($5,600) VS. Washington Redskins (12.80) 

TIGHT END- Austin Hooper ($3,100) VS. philadelphia Eagles (7.40)

FLEX- Tyrell Williams ($4,400) VS. Kansas City Chiefs (15.60) 

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- 49ers ($2,800) VS. Cincinatti Bengals (11.90) 


TOTAL pOINTS: 168.36


QUARTERBACK- Tom Brady ($6,400) VS. Miami Dolphins (24.66) 

RUNNING BACK- Marlon Mack ($5,900) VS. Tennessee Titans (8.30) 

RUNNING BACK- James White ($5,100) VS. Miami Dolphins (11.90) 

WIDE RECEIVER- Keenan Allen ($7,600) VS. Detroit Lions (17.80) 

WIDE RECEIVER- Amari Cooper ($7,400) VS. Washington Redskins (14.40) 

WIDE RECEIVER- Michael Gallup ($5,600) VS. Washington Redskins (12.80) 

TIGHT END- Mark Andrews ($3,800) VS. Arizona Cardinals (28.20) 

FLEX- Tyrell Williams ($4,400) VS. Kansas City Chiefs (15.60) 

DEFENSE/SpECIAL TEAMS- patriots ($3,700) VS. Miami Dolphins (37.00)


TOTAL pOINTS: 170.66

THE GOOD- Once again, I think my power rankings were pretty on point. I also thought I balanced my teams out pretty well, and as I mentioned above, I managed to more than double my money with my second and third lineups. Another plus from this week is that 2 of my predictions from the end of my Week 2 blog- Patriots D and Tyrell Williams- had good games considering their price. The Patriots D was a must, and they outscored just about every player on fantasy. I’m happy that I was able to profit, and I could sit here and speculate, “If only BLANK got more touches I’d be rich!”, but that shit is for the birds. The majority of my players did their jobs and won me money, and in the Draft Kings world, it’s tough to be upset by that.

THE BAD- Team 1 is my only lineup that didn’t win any money, and when you look at the total point value of only 116.20, that makes perfect sense. So what happened? Unfortunately, quiet games from Kamara and Edelman pretty much put that lineup to bed, and an almost complete lack of targets for Hockenson didn’t help either. Another fatal mistake I made was taking the bait on a player who had a great opener and then assuming it would happen again. I avoided McCaffrey for this reason, which ended up being a good move, but I didn’t do so for Sammy Watkins. My instinct wasn’t too far off, as Mahomes threw for 4 TD’s, but unfortunately they seemed to go to everybody but Watkins. This hurt me a lot in my Team 2 lineup, which sucks because that had the potential to be a great lineup. Another mistake I made was I should have played the Pats D for all 3 teams like I did with the Jets D last week. This is a move I usually love to make and I’m not sure why I didn’t this time around. Thankfully I did play them for Teams 2 and 3, but doing so with Team 1 could have saved that lineup a bit and probably won my money back at the least.


-Demarcus Robinson (37.20) out of nowhere. And fuck you, these should have been Sammy Watkins’ points

-Emmanuel Sanders (28.80)

-John Ross (24.20)

-Raheem Mostert (24.10)

-Ezekiel Elliot (23.00)

-Christian Kirk (20.40)

Similar to how I felt last week, I’m content with how Week 2 went for me both on Draft Kings and betting wise. I was able to double my money and then some with 2/3 of my lineups, and that 3rd lineup wasn’t bad, just caught a bad break. As long as I can keep some consistency going with DK, it’s looking to be a good year based on what’s happened so far.

Week 3 does bring a bit of a challenge though, as some of the matchups this week are a lot more iffy than weeks 1 and 2 have been. But at the end of the day, fuck it. Life is meant to be unexpected, and if it was easy and predictable, stuff like Draft Kings wouldn’t be fun.

Be on the lookout for my Week 3 picks and Draft Kings blogs, both of which I plan to have up by 5 PM on Thursday.

That’s all for now. We’re on to Week 3.

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