NFL Draft Kings Guide (WEEK 2)

Week 2 of the NFL season kicks off in Charlotte tonight, and this weekend brings with it a lot of good matchups that will hopefully yield another solid Draft Kings week for me. I had some luck with my lineups in Week 1, and if you missed it, you can read my recap of that here.

Now full disclosure, I made this on Wednesday night so there has been some injury updates since then (Notable “Questionable” players include Le’Veon Bell, Deandre Hopkins, and Juju Smith-Schuster). They’ll probably be fine come game time, but with the exception of Bell I sorta avoided them this week. They’re all worth keeping an eye on as Sunday gets closer, so keep that in mind.

The season is still early and there’s no point sitting here speculating about anything, so let’s get right into my power rankings for Week 2.



1. Tom Brady ($6,400) VS. Miami Dolphins

2. Lamar Jackson ($6,700) VS. Arizona Cardinals

3. Pat Mahomes ($7,500) VS. Oakland Raiders

4. Carson Wentz ($6,400) VS. Atlanta Falcons

5. Matt Ryan ($6,100) VS. Philadelphia Eagles

Cheaper Sleepers- Big Ben ($5,800) VS. Seattle Seahawks and Matt Stafford ($5,200) VS. LA Chargers


1. Le’veon Bell ($7,600) VS. Cleveland Browns (HE IS QUESTIONABLE RIGHT NOW, MONITOR ACCORDINGLY)

2. Alvin Kamara ($8,200) VS. LA Rams

3. Austin Ekeler ($6,100) VS. Detroit Lions

4. Dalvin Cook ($7,200) VS. Green Bay packers

5. Derrick Henry ($6,000) VS. Indianapolis Colts

Cheaper Sleepers- Marlon Mack ($5,900) VS. Tennessee Titans, James White ($5,100) VS. Miami Dolphins, and Tarik Cohen ($4,500) VS. Denver Broncos


1. Keenan Allen ($7,600) VS. Detroit Lions

2. Sammy Watkins ($7,200) VS. Oakland

3. Amari Cooper ($7,400) VS. Washington Redskins

4. Julio Jones ($) VS. Philadelphia Eagles

5. Michael Thomas ($8,000) VS. LA Rams

Cheaper Sleepers- Julian Edelman ($6,900) VS. Miami Dolphins, Kenny Golladay ($6,600) VS. LA Chargers, Michael Gallup ($5,600) VS. Washington Redskins, Will Fuller *If Hopkins Is Still Hurt* ($5,300) VS. Jacksonville Jags, and Tyrell Williams ($4,400) VS. Kansas City Chiefs


1. Zach Ertz ($6,300) VS. Atlanta Falcons

2. Evan Engram ($5,200) VS. Buffalo Bills

3. Mark Andrews ($3,800) VS. Arizona Cardinals

4. George Kittle ($6,800) VS. Cincinatti Bengals

5. Travis Kelce ($7,300) VS. Oakland Raiders

Cheaper Sleepers- Delanie Walker ($3,500) VS. Indianapolis Colts, Darren Waller ($3,300) VS. Kansas City Chiefs, and Austin Hooper ($3,100) VS. Philadelphia Eagles


1. Patriots ($3,700) VS. Miami Dolphins

2. Ravens ($3,800) VS. Arizona Cardinals

3. Bears ($3,900) VS. Denver Broncos

4. Bills ($3,400) VS. NY Giants

5. 49ers ($2,800) VS. Cincinatti

Cheaper Sleepers- None

And now, let’s take a look at what lineups I’m going with this week.


QUARTERBACK-  Matt Stafford ($5,200) VS. LA Chargers

RUNNING BACK- Alvin Kamara ($8,200) VS. LA Rams

RUNNING BACK- Le’Veon Bell ($7,600) VS. Cleveland Browns

WIDE RECEIVER- Julian Edelman ($6,900) VS. Miami Dolphins

WIDE RECEIVER- Kenny Golladay ($6,600) VS. LA Chargers

WIDE RECEIVER- Will Fuller ($5,300) VS. Jacksonville Jaguars

TIGHT END- TJ Hockenson ($3,000) VS. LA Chargers

FLEX- Tyrell Williams ($4,400) VS. Kansas City Chiefs

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- 49ers ($2,800) VS. Cincinatti Bengals



QUARTERBACK- Dak Prescott ($6,300) VS. Washington Redskins

RUNNING BACK- Dalvin Cook ($7,200) VS. Green Bay packers

RUNNING BACK- Austin Ekeler ($6,100) VS. Detroit Lions

WIDE RECEIVER- Julio Jones ($7,300) VS. philadelphia Eagles

WIDE RECEIVER- Sammy Watkins ($7,200) VS. Oakland Raiders

WIDE RECEIVER- Michael Gallup ($5,600) VS. Washington Redskins

TIGHT END- Austin Hooper ($3,100) VS. philadelphia Eagles

FLEX- Tyrell Williams ($4,400) VS. Kansas City Chiefs

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- 49ers ($2,800) VS. Cincinatti Bengals


And since I liked doing it last week, I’m making the executive decision to make 3 lineups every week as opposed to my 2 team method from last year


QUARTERBACK- Tom Brady ($6,400) VS. Miami Dolphins

RUNNING BACK- Marlon Mack ($5,900) VS. Tennessee Titans

RUNNING BACK- James White ($5,100) VS. Miami Dolphins

WIDE RECEIVER- Keenan Allen ($7,600) VS. Detroit Lions

WIDE RECEIVER- Amari Cooper ($7,400) VS. Washington Redskins

WIDE RECEIVER- Michael Gallup ($5,600) VS. Washington Redskins

TIGHT END- Mark Andrews ($3,800) VS. Arizona Cardinals

FLEX- Tyrell Williams ($4,400) VS. Kansas City Chiefs

DEFENSE/SpECIAL TEAMS- patriots ($3,700) VS. Miami Dolphins


The first thing I’ll say about these lineups is that I think I took a lot more of a risk than last week. I mean for fucks sake, Team 1 is relying on The Lions offense to have a great aerial game. Overall though, I think I did a lot more balancing this week compared to last week, and we’ll just have to wait and see how it works out.

As for far as what 3 cheap to moderately priced players that I think will have great games, I’m going with Michael Gallup, Tyrell Williams, and The 49ers defense (All 3 of which are rostered in 2 lineups). I could cheat and put Austin Ekeler and Desean Jackson again, but for the sake of fairness and spontaneity, I’ll try to pick different people week to week. Those 2 still remain great plays though.

Well that’s that. Lineups are submitted and now the only thing to do is sit back and hope everybody ends up in the end zone this weekend. My Week 2 betting guide is also up, so please put your hands together and pray for me. Going 3-12 last week was about as fun as drinking a bottle of piss when you’re hungover, so let’s hope my teams cover this time around.

Good luck everybody, and follow me on Twitter @BoozeBlogsSWK for updates and other nonsense.



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