NFL Draft Kings Guide (WEEK 1)

Despite once again getting to experience my beloved New England Patriots raise yet another Lombardi Trophy in February, it has been a rough 7 months of not having football in my life, and I’m sure many of you also feel that way. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have clicked on a blog titled “NFL Draft Kings Guide”. Well I’m excited to announce that we all made it. The “No Regular Season Football” drought is about to end folks, and as Redman said in his hit 1992 rap anthem, “Tonight’s da night”. At 8:20 PM, the 2019-20 NFL season kicks off at Soldier Field in Chicago, where The Bears will host, and hopefully massacre, The Green Bay Packers. I wish I was kidding when I say this, but the mere thought of tonight’s game and the subsequent Red Zone Sunday that is coming up has me hiding a boner at my desk like I’m in 7th grade health class (My teacher was hot which made it that much harder, no pun intended).

If you’re new here, which I certainly hope a lot of you are, I started these recurring Draft Kings blogs last season for shits and giggles and at the request of a few friends who wanted some advice on lineups. I liked making them and I liked my somewhat successful showing last season, so I’m bringing it back. What I do is basically rank players at every position based on my perceived salary-to-output ratio, which might sound fancy, but it is really nothing more than just my gut feeling. Then I take my rankings, make 2 sample teams at the bottom of every blog, and hope that everybody finds the end zone at least once. That’s my system in its entirety, and if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

It’s only Week 1, so admittedly, everything is kind of a dice roll here. There’s been plenty of trades in the offseason, and also plenty of teams that might come out with completely different offenses than we saw last year, so there is a lot of speculation this week. So without wasting anymore breath on this little intro I have going here, let’s just get right into my power rankings for Week 1.


1. Deshaun Watson ($6,800) VS. New Orleans Saints

2. Jameis Winston ($6,600) VS. San Francisco 49ers

3. Pat Mahomes ($7,200) VS. Jacksonville Jaguars

4. Ben Roethlisberger ($6,300) VS. New England Patriots

5. Russell Wilson ($6,300) VS. Cincinatti Bengals

Cheaper Sleepers- Jimmy G ($5,800) VS. Tampa Bay Bucs and Jacoby Brissett ($5,300) VS. LA Chargers


1. Saquon Barkley ($9,000) VS. Dallas Cowboys

2. Ezekiel Elliot ($9,200) VS. NY Giants

3. Austin Ekeler ($5.500) VS. Indianapolis Colts

4. Le’Veon Bell ($7,100) VS. Buffalo Bills

5. Dalvin Cook ($6,000) VS. Atlanta Falcons

Cheaper Sleepers- Marlon Mack ($5,600) VS. LA Chargers, Mark Ingram ($5,100) VS. Miami Dolphins, and Matt Breida ($4,000) Vs. Tampa Bay Bucs


1. Deandre Hopkins ($8,200) VS. New Orleans Saints

2. Mike Evans ($7,900) VS. San Francisco 49ers

3. Devante Adams ($7,700) VS. Chicago Bears

4. OBJ ($8,100) VS. Tennessee Titans

5. Juju Smith-Schuster ($7,500) VS. New England patriots

Cheaper Sleepers- Julian Edelman ($6,900) VS. Pittsburgh Steelers, Adam Thielen ($6,800), Tyler Lockett ($6,000) VS. Cincinatti Bengals, Josh Gordon ($5,500) VS. Pittsburgh Steelers, Desean Jackson ($4,500) VS. Washington Redskins and Curtis Samuel ($4,200) VS. LA Rams


1. George Kittle ($6,600) VS. Tampa Bay Bucs

2. Travis Kelce ($7,100) VS. Jacksonville Jaguars

3. Jared Cook ($4,500) VS. Houston Texans

4. Evan Engram ($4,800) VS. Dallas Cowboys

5. Zach Ertz ($6,100) VS. Washington Redskins

Cheaper Sleepers- Hunter Henry ($3,900) VS. Indianapolis Colts and Delanie Walker ($3,500) VS. Cleveland Browns


1. Bears ($3,700) VS. Green Bay Packers

2. Ravens ($3,800) VS. Miami Dolphins

3. Eagles ($3,600) VS. Washington Redskins

4. Browns ($3,400) VS. Tennessee Titans

5. Broncos ($3,600) VS. Oakland Raiders

Cheaper Sleepers- Jets ($3,100) VS. Buffalo Bills


QUARTERBACK- Deshaun Watson ($6,800) VS. New Orleans Saints

RUNNING BACK-  Marlon Mack ($5,600) VS. LA Chargers

RUNNING BACK- Austin Ekeler ($5,500) VS. Indianapolis Colts

WIDE RECEIVER- Deandre Hopkins ($8,200) VS. New Orleans Saints

WIDE RECEIVER-  Mike Evans ($7,900) VS. San Francisco 49ers

WIDE RECEIVER- Desean Jackson ($4,500) VS. Washington Redskins

TIGHT END- Jared Cook ($4,500) VS. Houston Texans

FLEX- Hunter Henry ($3,900) VS. Indianapolis Colts

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- Jets ($3,100) VS. Buffalo Bills



QUARTERBACK- Jameis Winston ($6,600) VS. San Francisco 49ers

RUNNING BACK- Saquon Barkley ($9,000) VS. Dallas Cowboys

RUNNING BACK- Le’Veon Bell ($7,100) VS. Buffalo Bills

WIDE RECEIVER- Adam Thielen ($6,800) VS. Atlanta Falcons

WIDE RECEIVER- Desean Jackson ($4,500) VS. Washington Redskins

WIDE RECEIVER- Curtis Samuel ($4,200) VS. LA Rams

TIGHT END- Evan Engram ($4,800) VS. Dallas Cowboys

FLEX- Hunter Henry ($3,900) VS. Indianapolis Colts

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- Jets ($3,100) VS. Buffalo Bills


Since it’s Week 1 and I’m pretty pumped that football’s back, I’ve decided to say “Fuck it” and make 3 teams this week


QUARTERBACK- Ben Roethlisberger ($6,300) VS. New England patriots

RUNNING BACK- Le’Veon Bell ($7,100) VS. Buffalo Bills

RUNNING BACK- Austin Ekeler ($5,500) VS. Indianapolis Colts

WIDE RECEIVER- OBJ ($8,100) VS. Tennessee Titans

WIDE RECEIVER- Juju Smith-Schuster ($7,500) VS. New England Patriots

WIDE RECEIVER- Desean Jackson ($4,500) VS. Washington Redskins

TIGHT END- Hunter Henry ($3,900) VS. Indianapolis Colts

FLEX- Matt Breida ($4,000) VS. Tampa Bay Bucs

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS- Jets ($3,100) VS. Buffalo Bills


Like I said above, Week 1 is a real toss up. The only people that can accurately say how big of a role certain players are going to play in their team’s respective offenses this year are the coaches, and even they’re winging it to a certain degree. It’s Week 1 of a long season, so consider this a dry run.

A few random and cheap players that I think are going to have surprisingly big weeks are Austin Ekeler, Desean Jackson, and Hunter Henry, and that can be pretty clearly seen by the fact I chose them on all 3 teams. As for picking the Jets D on all 3, that was just a salary move. It’s Week 1 and I wanted to free up some salary space, and for only $3,100 against a wack Bills team, I figured, “Why not?”

Good luck everybody, and if you use some of my advice and end up winning some money this weekend, I’d love to know so tweet a picture of it at me. You can follow me on Twitter @BoozeBlogsSWK

Good luck everybody




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