Athletes Don’t Owe Anybody An Explanation Why They Did Or Didn’t Go To The White House After Winning A Championship

In what can only be described as one of the most dominating stretches in sports history,  2 Boston teams have won their respective championships in the past few months, and we currently have another team on the hunt for yet another possible title. Life is pretty good if you’re from the 617, and last week’s team visit to The White House brought all of the feelings of that Red Sox World Series victory back to me. It’s always cool to see some of your team’s athletes hanging out with the president, so I enjoyed seeing the pictures and videos of The Sox chilling in the Oval Office and shooting the shit with Trump. Any normal person sees the tradition of athletes visiting the White House after a championship as a good thing, no matter who is in office.

But not in 2019. Not where partisanship has gone out the window, and constant offense, hyperbolic outrage, and general stupidity have taken its place. Something isn’t just allowed to “happen” nowadays. There has to be some element of racism, sexism, white supremacy etc. attached to it, and if there isn’t any (Which is usually the case), the media doofuses step in to conjure some up and inject it into every event. I’m sure there will be more examples, but the dumbest take I’ve seen so far regarding this White House visit comes unsurprisingly from one of the dumbest people there is: Jemele Hill.

Jemele Hill, who is most known for being fired because she was such an insufferable racebaiter that even the progressives at ESPN had enough, came out swinging for “This is racist” fences once again. In a piece published last week, Hill said that the Red Sox players that decided to attend the visit to The White House owed their teammates an explanation why they decided to go, because apparently people aren’t allowed to just make their own decisions and do things without being put on trial for it any more.

I guess to start this off, here’s a quick video that Trump tweeted out about this event

Seems pretty normal to me. Just a bunch of athletes who play a sport in the United States meeting with the president of the United States to celebrate their championship. Nothing to see here, as long as you’re a mentally stable adult who doesn’t feel the need to seek out extra drama where there isn’t any. But that’s the problem: People have become obsessed with doing exactly that.

The point that Jemele Hill and many others are bending over backwards trying to make about this non-story White House visit is that by simply going there to be congratulated by the most powerful man on the planet, the players are somehow endorsing things like white supremacy and fascism, because they’ve also fictitiously attached those things to Trump.

And don’t miscontrue: This isn’t some MAGA Trump blog either. I’m well aware he’s said and done plenty of dumb shit, so don’t try to discredit what I’m saying because you think I’m a hardcore republican or whatever. This is just a blog about how annoying it is that people constantly try to make something out of nothing, and even worse than just making that initial something, they without fail have to turn it into something that is racist, sexist, etc. The whole cycle has become as tiresome as going for a run after swallowing a handful of ambien, and anybody that takes even one millisecond to step back and think before taking the bait is sick of it.

It’s also worth mentioning that The Red Sox are a very diverse team, so what is she even talking about with racism here? Players of all different ethnicities decided to visit The White House, and players of all different ethnicities decided not to go. It has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with a personal choice. Anybody that is invested heavily in whether somebody wants to meet the president or not has way too much time on their hands, and should probably get a life instead of actively living through and making an annoyance in the lives of others.

That’s why you just have to laugh at the audacity of people like Jemele Hill. These misguided and arrogant lunatics who act as if they speak for every other person of color simply by association. Did she even bother to ask The Red Sox players that decided not to go how they really felt about the trip? No. She would rather just project her own anti-Trump views and agenda onto these players because her own high horsed ego makes her believe she is some kind of racial ambassador, when in reality she’s about as important as yesterday’s newspaper. She’s nothing more than an irrelevant has-been that grasps at the straws of racism and sexism for the sake of stirring up shit like the flush cycle of a toilet, which also happens to be a great metaphor for everything Jemele Hill has ever said or done. I have literally taken shits that contain more substance than any sports take she has ever had, but you won’t see my turds on ESPN anytime soon.

If you want to pinpoint why people believe this country is as divided as it is, look no further than the work of racial provocateurs like Jemele Hill and company. Imagine honestly thinking that something as harmless as athletes visiting The White House is an example of white Supremacy. Oh yeah guys, I’m sure Cuban-American baseball player JD Martinez is a HUGE white supremacist. Don’t believe me? He visited The White House and shook Trump’s hand for fuck’s sake! The evidence doesn’t get more damning than that. He’s basically Hitler now in the eyes of Jemele Hill.

You are a loser if you care whether an athlete visits The White House or not, And even moreso, you’re a next level loser if you somehow think that players visiting The White House is racist. We really need to stop giving a podium to people like Jemele Hill who feel the need to cry racism at everything, because all they are doing is stirring up more unnecessary problems and trivializing actual racism by watering it down with bullshit like this.

I would say she should be ashamed of herself, but people with that much built in arrogance and stupidity aren’t capable of realizing when they’re wrong. Sigmund Freud would have a field day picking apart the brains of people like her, especially his Unconscious Mind Theory. For all of you who fell asleep during psych 101 in college, the theory basically says that the unconscious mind still plays a part in our behavior. Ergo, the people that cry the most about racism and are constantly seeing the world as nothing but that way are usually just in denial racists themselves. So the next time she wants to find an example of a racist that cares only about skin color and nothing else, she should stand in front of a mirror.

In summation, and it sounds stupid even having to write this, athletes should either go to The White House or don’t when they win a championship. It’s nobody’s decision but their own, and anybody that thinks these athletes need to offer an explanation for why they did whatever they decided to do is a self centered loser. They don’t owe you shit, and you aren’t nearly as important as you think you are. Deal with it.

PS: The same people that are cheering on the players for “Sticking it to Trump” and not going to the White House this year are the same people that were crying in 2011 when Tim Thomas didn’t visit the White House because he disagreed with Obama’s policies. Makes you think 🤔


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