I Would Like To Formally Apologize To The Boston Celtics

For the past few weeks or so, the big news in the basketball world has been the Boston Celtics. After seeing our young guys step up big last year in the playoffs, along with the return of Gordon Hayward after missing all of last year due to injury, everybody had extremely high hopes for this season. But then tragedy struck, and for whatever reason the Celtics all forgot how to play basketball. Saying that we got our shit pushed in through January and February would be putting it lightly, and the sports media gravitated to the Celtics demise like a pack of wolves stalking an unlucky hiker. There were countless interviews from players saying they weren’t having fun as a team, and of course the biggest story was that Kyrie is probably leaving to free agency after this year. Being the idiot that I am, I bought into it. I’m more of a Bruins guy anyway, but I had officially cancelled the Celtics season for the time being. But when you’re wrong, you’re wrong, and I would like to take this moment to formally apologize to the Celtics for counting them out this year.

In case you didn’t watch or hear about it yet, the Celtics toyed with the Warriors last night on their own court with a 128-95 win. The Celtics were playing very reminiscent to the squad we saw in the playoff run last year. There were smart shots, offensive rebounds, actual defense, Gordon Hayward looking like his old self etc., and safe to say it was the most fun I’d had watching them in a long time. But it gets even better than that. This was the worst Warriors loss in the Steve Kerr era, and the only time that the Warriors did not have a lead all game for the first time since 2016. Seeing as the Warriors have been and still are the clear favorite to win it all this year, this was a HUGE statement win for the Celtics, and I really hope this was just the taste this team needed to right the sails and make another run at a title.

So that’s that. The egg is on my face, and I’m sorry that I said this team sucked and was down for the count. That win last night was huge for both the team and my bank account. Celtics moneyline at +250 odds was just what the doctor ordered. Did this payout get me out of the hole? Nope, not even close. Am I on my way to getting out of the hole? You bet your ass I am. Just like how the Celtics are back, Drunk White Kid is also back. I’m putting my bank account on the Celtics moneyline tonight Vs. the Kings, and I suggest doing the same if you want free money. If they happen to lose tonight, just disregard the above praises in this blog. Enough with the pessimistic thinking though. Go out there and win boys, my money depends on it.


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