With the conclusion of yesterday’s games, the stage is set for Super Bowl 53. On February 3rd, the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will face off against each other in Atlanta. If you watched the games yesterday, you know all about the controversy involving the officiating, especially in the Saints/Rams game. I was unfortunately a victim as a result of this, and I want all of those refs murdered. Anyway, lets take a look at the results of my bets yesterday



So like I was saying, the refs completely fucked the Saints, and as a result, me. That was the most blatant missed pass interference call I have ever seen in a playoff game, and the league has already come out and said they blew it. The Rams ended up winning with an OT field goal, thus making me lose my parlay. Fuck. That. The only silver lining of this would be that I would rather play the Rams than the Saints, so I guess it might come in handy for the Super Bowl. Needless to say my vibe was already ruined heading into the Pats game yesterday, but at least they were able to come out on top. This is shocking to me because I’ve heard nothing but talk all year about how Brady sucks now. Very weird that a bad quarterback would lead his team to the Super Bowl for the 3rd straight year. Also, can we talk about how on point Tony Romo was calling out plays yesterday? He was on some Nostradamus shit all game, and if we’re being honest, he might have been the MVP of that game. He gets a lot of hate from people, but I kinda like him in the booth. Sue me. Anyway, I really needed this parlay win and it sucks that I got robbed by a bad call. I guess the only thing to do now is double down and throw it all on the Pats in 2 weeks. There is no way in Hell the Pats lose the Super Bowl 2 years in a row, so if you know what’s good for you, bet your bank account on the Pats -2. Sean McVay? More like Sean McGay (Not that there’s anything wrong with that). Todd Gurley? More like Fraud Gurley (Even though he is without a doubt the most dominant back in the league and carried my fantasy team). Greg The Leg? More like Greg The peg (Once again, not that there’s anything with that). Alright that’s enough bad jokes and satirical homophobia for one blog. The point is, fuck the refs and Pats by a billion come February 3rd.


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