An Upcoming California Women’s March Was Cancelled Because The Expected Turnout Would Be ‘Overwhelmingly White’

Ah, The Women’s March: A collective group of self-described victims all marching through the streets to complain about patriarchal oppression, despite the fact they live in one of the most advanced and inclusive societies in human history. The movement is pointless with no real end goal, yet it is given more attention than a spoiled teenage girl at her Sweet 16 birthday party. The participants of these marches think that wearing pink vagina hats and holding signs with uncreative and illogical sayings such as, “The future is female” is somehow comparable to the work of actually brave and influential women like Susan B. Anthony and Emily Davison, the latter of which literally sacrificed her life in the name of women’s voting rights in England. Wasting no time to get their complaint on in 2019, another one of these Women’s Marches was scheduled for January 19th in Eureka, California, but it has now been canceled. The reason for it’s cancelation isn’t due to inclement weather or the realization that it’s a waste of time, but instead because the expected participants would be overwhelmingly white.

Before I get into how ridiculous this story is, here is the official quote given for why this event was cancelled:

““Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community. Instead of pushing forward with crucial voices absent, the organizing team will take time for more outreach.” -From the group’s Facebook page 

Okay. Their reasoning for canceling this was because the majority of expected participants would have been white, and they don’t feel that properly represents the community. That would make some sense, if it wasn’t for the fact that this is Humboldt County California we’re talking about here. According to recent census data, the county is 74% white. In fact, the city of Eureka, which is where the march was supposed to take place, has an even higher percentage of white residents with 78%. I’m no statistician, but it makes perfect sense that the majority of participants would be white, seeing as the the majority of residents are white. That’s what majority means, but I guess the organizers don’t understand things like word definitions and common sense. This would be like canceling a Women’s March because the majority of participants are women. It’s essentially the same logic, or lack thereof, that they’re using. So I guess the message they’re sending is, “We want women to march, just not white women”. And why aren’t they questioning why so few minority women showed up? Could it be that they’re busy or don’t feel the need to march? I don’t know, but it seems like it’s worth investigating if you’re them. Just absolutely bonkers deductive reasoning skills at work here, but it makes sense because the people in charge of this movement are morons. The Women’s March has ties to known racist Louis Farrakhan, a man who has routinely described Jews as termites. Another problematic name attached to this movement is Linda Sarsour, who was one of the group’s leaders up until recently. Remember her? She’s the anti-semitic, pro-Sharia Law supporting cunt that doesn’t even try to hide her hatred of Jews and lack of cognitive thinking, seeing as she supports barbaric societal structure. In short, she was the leader of a women’s rights movement while also supporting Sharia Law: A system that ACTUALLY oppresses women and treats them as property, as well as is in favor of other fucked up things like child marriage and executing gay people. But hey, America sucks, right ladies? It’s the most oppressive country on earth, and that’s why you have to put on your pink pussy hats and chant stuff for a couple hours so you can get a sweet new Facebook profile picture of your brave activism. So while they freely do this and somehow believe that America oppresses women, there’s a slave trade in Libya, and women get stoned to death for the crime of being rape victims and gays get thrown off of roofs in many Middle Eastern countries. What a fucking world, and I usually hate the term, but if that isn’t privilege I don’t know what is.

This cancelation just goes to show you that this whole thing is a sham. Despite not having a degree in the subject, I’ve become a self-taught expert in bullshitology in recent years. These marchers are the same people constantly reminding us that race isn’t everything, yet here they are making race everything. Aren’t we all equal? That’s how I feel, but not according to these organizers that are judging people based on their skin color alone. Who gives a fuck what the color of the women marching are if the supposed point of your movement is to empower women? That’s because it isn’t a movement about women’s rights. It’s just another boring, virtue signaling, anti-Trump attempt by the left, and anybody that takes a step back for a second can see right through it. Modern day feminism is a joke, and if you don’t believe me, consider why they aren’t holding these marches in places where women are actually mistreated, such as Africa and the Middle East? It’s because they don’t give a shit. They do it here because it’s comfortable and convenient, and they don’t do it there because real problems are uncomfortable and inconvenient. It’s easy to play the role of a victim of a oppression when you aren’t face to face with real victims of it. Not to mention they would literally be executed for having a protest as women in those places, but once again, fuck America, right?

I often wonder what great historical human rights heroes like Martin Luther King and Susan B. Anthony would say if they saw the world today. I think they would be happy as hell to see all the progress made, and they would likely question what their supposed followers are doing. All of the things they fought for have come true. Everybody can vote now. Everybody can have a job now. Everybody can get an education now. Everybody has equal rights to everybody else. The battle of oppression has been won in the Western World, yet these types of people still feel the need to call themselves victims of oppression. Are some people born into better environments? Yes, and that will never change. There will always be different classes and different amounts of luck, but lets stop acting like this is an issue worthy of protest. It’s called life, and that shit ain’t fair. It’s crazy how soft we’ve gotten to the point that people actively try to look for ways to feel marginalized. A wise man once said, “If you play the victim, you will be the victim”. So maybe instead of complaining and acting as if all of your problems are caused by other people, you should shut the fuck up, work hard, and make your own success just like everybody else does. Or just continue wearing pink vagina hats, making signs, and thinking that you’re fighting the patriarchy. I don’t give a shit, but atleast do your nonsense in a park or something so I don’t have to deal with the extra traffic on my way to work.


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