Shuffle Song Of The Day (12/14/18): “What If” By Jadakiss (Feat. Nas)

“What If” is a song by NY rapper and The Lox member Jadakiss off of his 2009 album The Last Kiss. The song also features a verse from fellow legendary NY rapper Nas and every line in the song is a hypothetical question beginning with “What if…”, pointing out how different outcomes and perceptions can be with just a small change. It’s a cool concept that leads to a lot of creative and funny bars, as well as some with much deeper meanings. The Lox actually played a show in Boston last night and I almost pulled the trigger on it because it would have been a good time for sure. My white face would have stuck out like a pregnant woman at a bar, but it would have been cool to see Jadakiss and the guys performing all of their classics. Maybe next time, but with my luck this will be their last tour ever, or atleast last tour until their royalties start running out and crack isn’t selling as quick as it used to.

Shuffle Songs Of The Day Spotify Playlist


Take a second, what if we could rewind the hood?
Better yet, what if the L.O.X. would of signed with Suge?
What if Puffy never signed us?
What if Oprah made them comments
Like Imus?
What if you designed this
Thought like I did?
Said it like this:
What if Peyton was fighting dogs instead of Mike Vick?
What if Arnold would just let Tookie get life?
What if B.I.G. missed the party, what if ‘Pac missed the fight?
What if you was caged in?
What would you change then?
What if there was no Rocafella law for Made Men?
What if hate ran through me?
And what if Portland
Would’ve drafted Jordan
Instead of Sam Bowie?
What if you really have to be nice to get a deal?
What if all of these rappers’ ice was really real?
What if I hit you with the razor from cheek to chin?
What if Mike Jackson never would have bleached his skin?
What if you never knew things that you needed to know?
What if you never been places you needed to go?
What if you get there, and learned them as you go?
“What if” is the question, can I ask then once more?
What if the pain went away?
What if you changed in a day?
What if you can eliminate
All the games
People play?
What if Shyne beat the case?
What if Diddy did a dime flat?
What if Nelson Mandela could give his time back?
What if Malcolm was silent?
What if Martin was violent?
What if you could really “sneak an uzi on the island”?
What if I made you kiss the niner?
What if a brick was only just a misdemeanor?
What if Manhattan was hit by Hurricane Katrina?
What if a black man was the one controlling Fema?
What if we ain’t never let emotions come between us?
What if the last time we rode, someone seen us?
What if
Yeah, yea, yo
I flow calm
But don’t push
What if Saddam hung Bush?
What if “One Mic” was called “One Hook”?
What if the Bridge never showed me how to hold a weapon?
What if I ran into that sick chick with no protection?
What if I never wore that army jacket?
Carhart to match it
Unlaced tims, the hood on my first album cover under plastic?
What if I was just another corny rapper?
What if I went first instead of Notorious, who would tell my story after?
What if we loved less and lust more?
If Obama was on Mount Rushmore?
Would Ali give Tyson a busted jaw?
What if I never glared out the project window?
Whenever the the scared for me and the life of my kinfolk?
What if that gun pin broke?
I would have never learned back in the body of an Enzo
All red
What if all real niggas was all dead
What if Hillary and them were reptilian?
And 2012 was the end of men
And all world civilians?

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