Shuffle Song Of The Day (12/10/18): “Relocation” By Feed Me

“Relocation” is a song by Feed Me from his 2012 album Escape From Electric Mountain. The album was released under Deadmau5’s label Mau5trap, which should go as a testament to how talented Feed Me is because if Deadmau5 likes your stuff you’ve peaked in the dance music world. Feed Me is the stage name for English house DJ Jon Gooch, which I felt was worth mentioning because of his last name. I like to tell myself I’ve matured somewhat from my formative years on this earth, but I laughed like a schoolgirl at the last name Gooch so apparently I’m still a child. I’ve talked before but how I’m not exactly the biggest fan of EDM/house/whatever the fuck else this type of music is called nowadays. You won’t catch me dropping acid and getting trapped inside of port-a- potties at Electric Forest anytime soon, although the idea of a multi-day drug binge with music in the background does sound enticing. I don’t know though,I just never really got into the whole dance music seen unless, like I said, I’m on drugs. That being said, I’ve still come across plenty of songs and artists that I like, so my library is filled with a lot of songs from the genre but just at a much lower ratio than say rap or rock. It does make great workout music though, so for the 1 or 2 days a year I go to the gym I’ll usually put on shit like this. But more often than not, I’m too busy taking Feed Me’s name literally and would rather sit on my couch eating and drinking than giving myself a heart attack at the gym.

Shuffle Songs Of The Day Spotify Playlist


*Various beeps at different pitches and intervals*

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