Netflix Paid $100 Million To Keep The Show Friends, And I For One Am Upset

If you’ve been checking social media for the past few days, you know that the hit show Friends was in jeopardy of getting taken off of Netflix at the end of this year. The rumors started swirling around on Wednesday morning,  and by Wednesday night every single girl that I know had posted something about it. “They can’t do this 😭” said Amanda, as Jennifer tagged her friend Stacy in a news article about it and added, “Soooo wine and binge watch this weekend?”.

Apparently the complaints worked, because Netflix announced that they renegotiated the contract and would still have Friends available in 2019. Seeing how popular the show is, the move was understandable. But then they released how much money this new deal to keep Friends would cost, and I became so irate that I wanted to punch a baby in the face for some reason. Anger is a strange and unpredictable emotion.

Now let me start this off by saying I don’t hate Friends. Overrated for sure, but it has its moments and isn’t a terrible show by any means. But 100 million fucking dollars? That’s a bigger waste of money than betting on the Jags last night like I did. Speaking of the Jags, Netflix essentially did the exact same thing they did this past offseason: Spent a bunch of money on one thing instead of spreading the money out and getting a bunch of new things. To anybody that still doesn’t understand why this is such a waste of money, think about all the great new shows and movies Netflix could have added with that money. But instead, we’re stuck with the same old episodes of a show I’m sure all of us have seen dozens, if not hundreds, of times. Not to mention the fact that Friends is always on TV, so would it really even be missed if it got taken off Netflix? I say no, but apparently everybody else and the executives at Netflix say yes.

As somebody who has grown tired of the monotonous selection on Netflix, this deal stinks like microwaved feces. Call me crazy, but I would rather watch new TV shows and movies than the same thing repeatedly. For that reason, I am upset about this deal and would have preferred some new stuff on Netflix instead. But then again, “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know”, and it’s entirely possible that Netflix would have just added even worse shows in it’s place. Keeping that great quote in mind, maybe it’s okay that they stuck with Friends. Actually, on second though, fuck that. Netflix should have showed Friends the door and gave us some new stuff to watch, and that’s the bottom line!


PS: Seinfeld > Friends, and I’ll knife fight anybody that tries to say otherwise


  1. I have never liked Friends and I appear to be the only one on the planet. In fact, when I started out at writing (before blogging was a thing), one of the first articles I wrote was about how overrated the show was. Too-obvious humour (we Brits are more subtle), not especially likeable characters, what’s not to dislike?

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  2. I always felt that people say they love it because they don’t quite know what else to say, and they think it’s nice and safe. The same kind of people who cook Italian food from a Jamie Oliver cookbook. (Not sure if Americans know Jamie Oliver?)

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      • Oh no, it’s more varied than that, but my Italian friend can confirm that none of it is Italian. 😆 My Spanish friend also says that Jamie Oliver’s paella is not Spanish.

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