Random Rabbithole: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

If you read my Halloween costume blog from earlier you’d know that I ultimately decided to stay in tonight because I’m a fucking loser with no Halloween spirit. Moving on from that, I’ve chosen to keep the #Spooky blogs rolling on this chilly Halloween night in an attempt to redeem my lack of Halloween participation this year. If you aren’t familiar with the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark trilogy, chances are you had an awful childhood and clearly don’t appreciate fine arts and literature. It’s a series of children’s books that contain a bunch of scary short stories, most of which I could see some boyscout leader telling to a group of kids around a campfire. I had all 3 of them growing up, but I can specifically remember buying the third book, More Tales To Chill Your Bones, at a school book fair. To put it eloquently, I read the fuck out of these books. perhaps cooler than the stories themselves were the artwork that went along with them. I don’t know much about this Stephen Gammell guy, but I assume he must drop a ton of acid and have really bad trips, because that’s the only explanation for how creepy some of his drawings are. Luckily for me and you some Good Samaritan uploaded the trilogy’s entire audiobook onto Youtube so we can listen to the stories instead of read them, because reading sucks ass. If you click “Show more” in the the Youtube description it separates them by individual story. Some of my favorites growing up were The Big Toe, The Hearse Song, Wait Till Martin Comes, Oh Susannah!, Just Delicious, Harold, The Dream, and The Red Spot. And a quick disclaimer: I’m not responsible if you can’t sleep tonight after hearing these scary stories, so listeners beware. Or just don’t be a little pussy

As for the creepy aforementioned artwork, I managed to find some of the more notable ones I can recall from my childhood. Here are some of my favorites







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