Shuffle Song Of The Day (10/12/18): “I Still Believe” By Tim Cappello

“I Still Believe” is a song by Tim Cappello released in 1987. It is a cover of the original 1986 song by The Call, and this version is widely known for its use in the 1987 cult vampire movie The Lost Boys. Tim Cappello actually appears in the movie to perform the song during the beach party scene, which led to him becoming known as “The sexy sax man” which has been parodied a number of times, most notably by SNL. I like this version of the song much better than the original, and since I brought it up here is the beach scene I was talking about from the movie. Also, if you haven’t seen The Lost Boys you should check it out. Classic 80’s vampire movie, and despite the bloodsucking and whatnot, it makes growing up in 80’s Cali look awesome.


I been in a cave

For forty days

Only a spark

To light my way

I wanna give out

I wanna give in

This is our crime

This is our sin

But I still believe

I still believe

Through the pain

And through the grief

Through the lies

Through the storms

Through the cries

And through the wars

Oh, I still believe

Flat on my back

Out at sea

Hopin’ these waves

Don’t cover me

I’m turned and tossed

Upon the waves

When the darkness comes

I feel the grave

But I still believe

I still believe

Through the cold

And through the heat

Through the rain

And through the tears

Through the crowds

And through the cheers

Oh, I still believe

I’ll march this road

I’ll climb this hill

Upon my knees

If I have to

I’ll take my place

Upon this stage

I’ll wait till the end of time

For you like everybody else

I’m out on my own

Walkin’ the streets

Look at the faces

That I meet

I feel like I

Like I wanna go home

What do I feel?

What do I know?

But I still believe

Yes, I still believe

Through the shame

And through the grief

Through the heartache

Through the tears

Through the waiting

Through the years

For people like us

In places like this

We need all the hope

That we can get

Oh, I still believe

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