Shocking, But I Agree With LeBron James Letting His Kids Drink

So Lebron had an interesting postgame interview the other night that has people talking

He revealed that he lets his kids drink wine sometimes, and like with most things in 2018, people overreacted to something that isn’t that big of a deal. I saw people online saying he should be suspended from the NBA for this. I even saw a hotter take saying he should be arrested and his kids should be taken by DHS. Now keep in mind I’m fully aware that the drinking age is 21, but explaining why that law doesn’t make any sense is an argument for another day. So getting back to a parent letting their kid drink a small amount of wine during dinner, I’ll just say what any sane person is thinking about this whole ordeal: Who fucking gives a shit?

Seriously, why does anybody care about this? I love hating on LeBron as much as the next guy, but this is not a hill to die on. Most people on the outrage side of this are reciting things that aren’t even true about alcohol. I’ve heard the D.A.R.E. hysteria argument that being introduced to alcohol at a younger age means you’re going to grow up to be an alcoholic or die from binge drinking at college. If that’s the case, then why is it that every single other country in the world that has a lower drinking age and a more casual outlook on drinking alcohol at home has lower alcoholism, drunk driving, and binge drinking death rates? Kinda odd, but actually not at all if you use your brain. The kids that started drinking in highschool go on to have fun at college, whereas the kids that never did are the idiots that end up dying at their first keg party. In general kids who grew up in strict households with overlooking parents tend to be the ones that abuse freedom the first chance they get it. Turns out that introducing people to things and teaching them how to use them responsibly leads to them have a better understanding of those things. Wow! What a concept.

Now I know this stance is very shocking coming from somebody blogs on a site called Booze Blogs under the alias of Drunk White Kid, but drinking while underage is as American as mass incarceration and using credit cards to buy things you can’t afford. It’s not like he’s letting his kids pound a fifth of Jack Daniels for fucks sake. If LeBron thinks that his kids are mature enough to responsibly drink a glass of wine with their spaghetti and meatballs while under his supervision that’s his business. Unless the parents are diddling them, murdering them, or smoking crack with them, what parents want to do with their families in their house is their business and nobody else’s. I know I have a pretty libertarian view on things, as well as quite the large bias because I love drinking, but I consider that a perfectly reasonable view on things. My parents let my friends and I pregame in the basement growing up and I turned out just fine. Well maybe I’m not the best example, but you get my point. And to my future children: I wasn’t kidding when I tweeted this last night so be forewarned


  1. This seems to be a very responsible attitude, what’s the fuss, political correctness? We holidayed in France every year with our kids, visiting vineyards was the norm, learning about the whole culture and traditions associated with these ancient wineries was a great education for them ….. and tasting the wine too. now in their 40s …. both teetotal!

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    • I think it comes from our country being stuck in its Puritan roots on a lot of issues, especially alcohol and even sex in some parts. So we try to shelter kids from all of these things thinking we’re protecting them but then reality hits and they aren’t prepared for it. I also think some of the outrage has to do with it being LeBron

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      • I guess your laws are your own to sort out and I wouldn’t criticise your country for it. But at an individual level LeBron’s stance seems to be focused on his kids upbringing just as ours was many years ago

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      • The problem with our drinking laws is that any state can lower it if they want to, but by doing that you no longer receive federal funding from the government for things like roads, schools etc. And also I agree. My parents let me drink through my youth and even though I joke about it in the blog I turned out fine, as did all of my friends

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