Shuffle Song Of The Day (10/4/18): “Windowpane” By Opeth

“Windowpane” is a song by the Swedish metal band Opeth from their 2003 album Damnation. At 7 minutes long, a lot of people would consider this song pretty long, but for Opeth it’s pretty par for the course. Opeth has a way of adding extended periods of instrumentals into their songs while somehow still keeping you interested, similar to Buckethead or Metallica. This popping up on shuffle today is part of the reason why I’m so glad I started doing this in the first place. I hadn’t listened to the Damnation album in probably 7 years or so, and listening to it today brought me back to high school. The power of music.


Blank face in the windowpane

Made clear in seconds of light

Disappears and returns again

Counting hours, searching the night

Might be waiting for someone

Might be there for us to see

Might be in need of talking

Might be staring directly at me

Inside plays a lullaby

Slurred voice over children cries

On the inside

Haunting loneliness in the eye

Skin covering a secret scar

His hand is waving a goodbye

There’s no response or action returned

There is deep prejudice in me

Outshines all reason inside

Given dreams all ridden with pain

And projected unto the last

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