Waitresses That Complain About Their Tips On Social Media Are The Most Annoying People In The World

Now first things first let it be known that I agree full heartedly with everything Mr. Pink said in that scene and I would also like to add that he was the single only character in that movie that lives until the end. I’m not saying the two things are coorelated but I’m not not saying that either.

Basically here goes…

I have nothing against waitresses or waitors or the profession as a whole, my wife’s a waitress. I also tip. Usually around 20%, more if I’m hammered, less if the waitress fucking sucked. I’ve never in my life not tipped or left like 2% down because I understand that those people are pieces of shit and I live my life with the sole goal of not being a piece of shit.

With that said, if I had the balls I would do exactly as Mr Pink does and just not tip in the name of not letting the system control me. I commend that. If you have a legit reason like that I respect the fuck out of you for sticking to your guns and not giving in but if you just don’t tip cuz you’re cheap than fuck right off.

This brings me to my point of aggravation… People [usually women (girls)] who crusade to social media with a picture of a $200 bill where the customer left a like, $1.25 tip. Listen, that sucks. I sympathize with that. What I do not do is empathize with that because I think you are an idiot. People will screw you over when given a chance to, this is the most common thing in the world. Dog eat dog. People take advantage of people. Grow up and fuck off.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.10.05 PM.png

At risk of sounding like a fucking scumbag, here are my greatest points of reason for why girls who complain about their tips on social media are the most insufferable people in the world:

-Just fucking quit. If you don’t feel you get compensated well enough for the work you’re putting in, then there is a very simple answer: Quit. Don’t blame the customers, don’t blame this or that, it’s your boss/supervisor/management’s job to pay you what you fairly deserve to be paid and if you are consistently underpaid, quit. No idea what’s so hard to understand about that. There are a lot of minimum wage jobs out there that will pay you fairly. Find one. Even if you like your bosses and they apologize and you feel bad for them, who cares, this is the professional world, if you’re not getting paid, bounce.

-What even are your other arguments? I genuinely don’t know. Please tell them to me so I can spit in your face through my keyboard. Yes some people are assholes who don’t tip. But look, your bosses are taking advantage of you, and the government and the law allows it to happen, take it up with them, not your customers who legally don’t have to give you shit.

And for those people taking it to social media to complain, shut the fuck up. The world owes you nothing and nobody else does either. Everyone gets fucked over from time to time, if your work is continually fucking you over then leave. Fuck me over once, shame on you, fuck me over twice, I’m a fucking idiot who’s gonna complain to Facebook and hopefully the asshole that didn’t tip will see this and learn the error of his ways. You are an insufferable human. But then again I think all people who complain about anything over the internet are insufferable humans.

Am I complaining about something over the internet right now? Some would say yes, I would say shut up nobody asked you.

I am also very intelligient and everything I say is correct 100% of the time 20% of the time.

-B.Dwyer rant.

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  1. I always tip, too unless the service is bad or there is a long wait. I once went to a restaurant which added an extra charge with a fancy name – wish I could remember what it was – and, when I asked, they said it was to cover “the cleaning of the street outside the restaurant”. Erm … NOPE.

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