Kylie Jenner Tried Cereal With Milk For The First Time Ever Last Night. Wait, What?

I hate giving this family the time of day but this story is so preposterous I had to write about it. So last night, certified dumbass Kylie Jenner tweeted this out

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 4.45.12 PM.png

Now I know this chick probably has more sperm cells coating the inside of her mouth than she has brain cells in her head, but seriously how the fuck does this even happen? To go 21 years of eating cereal and never even consider doing something as obvious as adding milk to the bowl is a whole new level of obliviousness. If you left a monkey in a room with a box of Coco puffs, a gallon of milk, and a bowl, even he would figure out you’re supposed to add some milk to the bowl/cereal dynamic. It makes me wonder what other retarded things she does while eating. Is she gonna tweet out “I just put butter on toast for the first time. life changing”? Whats next Kylie, you gonna put peanut butter AND jelly in between two pieces of bread? Milk and cookies? Bleu cheese and buffalo wings? You’re a modern day Da Vinci with all these crazy inventions.

Or maybe this family just pulled another fast one on us and we all fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I don’t know how but these people are always in the news and it only gives them more money because they stay relevant. It’s crazy to think these chicks wouldn’t even be famous if Kim K didn’t fuck Ray J on camera all those years ago. Really makes me wish my sister took one for the team and fucked a rapper on camera to make our entire family famous. Very selfish move on her part, but it’s not too late. I just texted my family group chat about it and I’ve gotten pretty positive responses so far. Cheers to hoping my sister lets a famous rapper fuck her pOV style on camera, and before you know it Drunk White Kid will be just as rich and famous as those Kardashian whores.



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