Fan Duel Refuses To Pay New Jersey Bet Winner $82,500 Because They Made A Mistake/Are Assholes

As a degenerate gambler myself it would be uncharacteristic of me if I didn’t defend a fellow degenerate in his time of need. This weekend gave me and the rest of the gambling community yet another reason why Fan Duel sucks and here’s why. During the Raiders/Broncos game on Sunday the score was 19-17 Raiders towards the end of the 4th quarter. The Broncos now had a 36 yard field goal to win the game and so obviously the live betting odds changed. A New Jersey named Anthony Prince went to place a last minute bet and noticed that the odds were Broncos +75,000 to win the game. Not missing the opportunity, he took these odds and placed $110 on the Broncos to win the game at +75,000. The bet went through, McManus nailed the field goal, and the Broncos won. Seeing as he bet $110 at Broncos +75,000, he just won $82,500 (Or so he thought).

Fan Duel had other plans. Instead of honoring the legitimate bets that were processed through their sports book for that game, they stated they are not going to pay him or any of the others who took those odds the amounts that they won fair and square. Fan Duel claims that a computer glitch opened an 18 second window that showed the odds at +75,000 instead of -600, adding that people should have known this was clearly a mistake. So basically they fucked up and are now gonna punish their customers for their incompetence. Got it. So what did Fan Duel offer Anthony Prince instead of the $82,500 he was rightfully owed? They offered him a slap in the face in the form of 500 bucks and tickets to 3 Giants home games. Prince told them to go fuck themselves, lawyered up, and is doing God’s work by suing these assholes for not honoring his bet.

If you’re like me you want nothing more than for Anthony Prince’s lawyers to eviscerate Fan Duel in court. Draft Kings is way better anyway, and after this I don’t see how anybody can have any respect for Fan Duel. Call me crazy, but I just think that a multi million dollar sports betting company should payout bets that are placed through them seeing as that’s the entire premise of their existence. I don’t give a fuck if there was a computer glitch in their system. That’s their fault, not his. Is accountability too much to ask for these days? Apparently so. And what if he lost the bet? Was Fan Duel gonna give him his money back? It would only be fair right, seeing as there was a glitch and all and the odds weren’t accurate. I think we all know the answer to that question, and those scumbags were gonna keep his money. They only care about the legitimacy of a bet when it’s one that causes them to lose money, and this a great example of that. Unless Anthony Prince hacked into the Fan Duel computer system and changed the odds himself, they owe him $82,500 AND those Giants tickets they originally offered him because they’re being such pricks about this whole thing. Slam the gavel, court dismissed, and bring in the dancing lobsters.


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