Cornerback Vontae Davis Retired At Halftime During The Bill/Chargers Game Yesterday

Yesterday was a rough day for me. A hangover combined with going 4-10 on bets was not exactly the ideal way to spend a Sunday. But nobody has been having a worse time lately than the Buffalo Bills. They lost again to the Chargers yesterday and their team essentially quit by the end of the first half, and for cornerback Vontae Davis I mean that literally. That’s right: Vontae Davis was so sick of the Bills that he pulled himself out of the game and announced his retirement at halftime. There’s no evidence making this assumption factual, but I’d like to imagine this was the scene in the locker room as he was making his exit


I know the term gets thrown around a lot but this is such a power move. To be so fed up with the ineptitude of the Buffalo Bills that you clean out your locker and end your career midway through a professional sporting event is so ridiculous you have know choice but to respect it. No other player on the Bills will admit it but you just know they were all jealous that he didn’t have to go back out there and get dominated for another 2 quarters. I’m pretty good at giving up on things, but this guy has the kind of “Fuck this shit” mentality that I one day dream of mastering myself. Another funny thing about this story is that his agent is a genius and got him a great contract from the Bills. Even though he quit during week 2, Vontae Davis will still make 5 million dollars from The Buffalo Bills because of a clause in his contract that guarantees pay since he made the opening day roster. Live look at when next week rolls around and Vontae Davis still gets his game check despite sitting on his couch and eating wings all day

We all have our breaking points when it comes to working, for example I quit my last job after I had to clean up a drunk assholes puke and ended up only making 16 bucks in tips that night. That’s when reality sets in and you realize it just isn’t worth your time and that’s exactly what happened with Vontae Davis here. I’m a lazy person that loves the idea of being paid for doing nothing so I envy this situation so much. If I was a part of the Bills secondary I wouldn’t wanna be on the field either, so I don’t blame Vontae Davis one bit for not even waiting until after the game to get the fuck out of Dodge. He’s been catching heat for this move by his teammates and all of the talking heads at ESpN but I doubt he cares. He’s now an unemployed millionaire that still has millions of dollars coming his way, so I’d like it to be known that I agree with Davis 100% here. Unfortunately for him he fell victim to the social media era and somebody went digging and found this old tweet that’s now being used against him

In his defense that was back in 2011 before he was sent to the place of no return that is known as Buffalo. I’m sure he was an optimistic young man at that point that still believed in trying hard to achieve your goals, but like all good players, The Buffalo Bills destroyed any ounce of hope he had left in his body. Such is life I guess. Enjoy your retirement buddy because you earned it for having to deal with the Bills, even if it was only for 1 and a half games.


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