Random Rabbithole: Bud Light’s “Real Men Of Genius” Ad Campaign

Many years ago, back when advertising was actually funny and creative, Bud Light had a brilliant ad campaign called “Real Men Of Genius” that primarily ran on the radio (Remember those?) during football season. The commercials revolved around picking some type of random profession or character type and talking about how they contribute to society, almost always in a joking fashion. I really wish they would bring these commercials back, but I guess the marketing department at Bud Light has moved on to more high brow comedy like “Dilly Dilly” and whatever other stupid shit they put out these days. Most of them can be easily found on Youtube, and luckily for us a Youtuber named bobaromma took the liberty of putting a shitload of them together into this 1 hour video for all of us to enjoy. This is a perfect listen for when you’re pregaming, hence why I’m listening to it right now. I’m hitting the Sox/Mets game this afternoon and I’m really hoping we don’t get smoked again like last night. I know we have 101 wins already but nothing beats seeing a win live and in person when you’re 12 beers deep at Fenway. Anyway, here’s an hour straight of Bud Light’s “Real Men Of Genius” ads. Happy Saturday everybody, and I hope you all get drunk as fuck today/tonight.


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