Should The Patriots Sign Dez Bryant?

This has been the talk of the town around these parts recently so I thought I’d also entertain the question. Through the loss of Amendola and Cooks in offseason trades and Edelman still suspended for 3 more games, the Patriots’ receiving core has taken a noticeable hit. Our current main wide receivers are Chris Hogan, Philip Dorsett, and Cordarrelle Patterson. With the exception of maybe Hogan, most people would probably say, “Who?” three times while listening to that list. We have a few other names on our depth chart, including former first round draft pick Corey Coleman who we signed today, making us his 3rd team in less than a month. The truth is we need more able bodies to throw to, and if Dez doesn’t work out then it doesn’t work out, but I say it’s atleast worth giving it a shot. As for if Dez Bryant would consider coming to New England, the answer is yes, which he expressed on his Twitter account

The thought of having Gronk, Hogan, Dez, and Edelman as targets for Brady has me daydreaming about drinking at the Super Bowl Parade already. We’d be unstoppable at that point, and I’d almost feel sorry for the other teams that would have to defend those guys, the keyword being almost. I think one reason for the opposition of this possible signing for a lot of people is that they’re forgetting just how good of an athlete Dez Bryant is. Take a look at his stats

He got treated like shit in Dallas and still managed to put up some pretty good numbers, so why not let him and Brady throw the pigskin around and see if there’s some chemistry? This reminds me a lot of when Randy Moss was up for grabs and all the naysayers didn’t want him to come here because they thought his attitude wouldn’t fit into the Patriots system. When it comes to the Pats, as long as you’re good you’re going to fit into the system fine, and a lot of players tend to drop their ego and attitudes once they realize that listening to Belichick will win them games and get them a Super Bowl ring.

This wasn’t meant to be an in-depth sports blog or anything, just more me throwing my opinion out there about this since everybody else is. If you haven’t caught on already I’m 100% for giving Dez Bryant a tryout and seeing what happens. Boston sports radio has been their usual insufferable selves about this but atleast they’re consistent in their negativity. With the league becoming much more pass oriented nowadays, I just don’t see how giving Dez a chance would be a bad thing whatsoever. The big question obviously becomes how much money he wants, but at this point in his career I think he wants a ring more than he wants a bag of cash. If Brady and Belichick like him and agree on a good deal we sign him, and if they don’t, we tell him to fuck off. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a good plan to me. And for anybody who is still on the fence about his skills, take a look at this

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