I Think Hitler Was A Good Artist

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of him, but there used to be this guy named Adolf Hitler. I say used to because he is now dead. At one point he tried to take over the world, leading to a huge war where millions of people died yada yada yada but he’s dead now. A little forgotten piece of history about the guy was that he actually wanted to be a painter before he decided to become a homicidal dictator, but unfortunately for the world he didn’t get accepted to art school.  I always knew this fun fact about Hitler, but since I don’t really give a shit about art I never investigated it further. That is until today, while faced with an intense boredom that only a monk would understand, I decided to Google some of his paintings out of the blue and give my expert opinion on them. I was quite surprised by the search results that Google Images rendered, and I found myself scrolling through some of his works with an impressed expression across my face for the next several minutes. That’s why it is with great sorrow to all of my Jew friends out there that I say this: I think Hitler was a good painter

Now keep in mind I’m not an art connoisseur, so take my commentary with a snowball sized grain of salt, but take a look at this


Pardon my French here, but that’s a pretty fucking good drawing. It’s the Vienna State Opera House, which is also the name of the painting, and here it is in real life


Pretty close resemblance. He drew this back in 1912, meaning he was 23 at the time and had just begun applying to art schools. This is his most famous painting so I’m assuming this was the bread and butter of his portfolio. But unfortunately for young little Adolf the high browed snobs at Germany Art School, or whatever it was called, deemed him unworthy for their curriculum. If only the admissions board had reconsidered they could have saved a lot of lives, am I right? But the past is the past, so lets look at some more





At the risk of sounding like a broken record, those are all pretty good paintings if you ask me. If I ever got lost and ended up in an art museum for some reason and I walked past these drawings, I would definitely be impressed. I can only imagine the amount of concentration (Lol) Hitler put into drawing these, and I think they look just as good as any of those other paintings by famous artists we’re told are masterpieces. One common critique from the online art community seems to be that he sucked at drawing people, which I think is unjust criticism. As somebody that exclusively draws stick figures, his people look fine to me. Are they good enough to tell that they’re people and not a tree or something? Then he successfully drew a person if you ask me. Cut Hitler some slack, what did he ever do to you?

we all have our unpopular opinions, and I guess this is just one of the many that I hold. I didn’t wake up this morning thinking I would be defending the artistic talent of one of the worst dictators in history yet here we are. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and when it comes to art I think Hitler had some serious skills. If only he had devoted his energy into perfecting his craft a little more instead hating Jews and invading neighboring countries, who knows what might have happened? I guess he used whatever artistic talent he had left into writing Mein Kampfh, and the rest was, quite literally, history. I wish he had pursued his second career choice because the entirety of World War II might have been avoided. “What was that career choice?” you might be asking yourself.Well, I’ll let you see for yourself

That’s right: Hitler was quite the wordsmith on the microphone. When he wasn’t painting castles or gassing Jews, he liked to sit down and write rhymes in his spare time. He’s an extremely slept on MC in the rap community, and if he isn’t in your list of top 10 rappers of all time you have shitty taste in music and that’s just a fact



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