I Have Been Officially Diagnosed As Half Deaf And Now I Am Officially Upset About The Lack Of Half Deaf Representation In Media

I just read white kids blog about how much it would suck to be blind and I couldn’t agree more. But you know what would also suck equally? Being a minority group that is under- mis- or just not-represented in media such as film and TV and stuff.

I’m one of those minorities and fully functioning ear people or max-auditory as They should be referred to as, don’t understand the harsh reality of never being able to watch a movie and identify with any of the characters. Name one Half Deaf person you’ve ever seen on tv, can’t? Something’s wrong here.

At this point in the blog I’d like to give a shoutout to the gay black and trans communities for fighting for their own representations, now I will pick up the torch and equally fight a fight that is just as important and heroic. No need to thank me but if you want to I know how to accept compliments well

Also if I find out the first half-auditory character in a show is played by a max-auditory actor I will be fuming! I understand that the profession of acting is literally pretending to be somebody your not but that is heinous! We need more Half-auditory people making decisions. Why are there no CEO’s, politicians, or powerful business people that suffer the same half-disability I have?

Hey Budd, what is being half deaf anyway? Can only one ear work and the other can’t? Or do they both work at half capacity? Or is there some ratio that us allies can learn?

Well reader, I actually find that question offensive. You piece of shit. Stop reading now. We don’t want you as an ally you dick.

The world needs to be better

-Budd Dwyer


    • What was that? I couldn’t hear you. Haha I’m just kidding that’s a joke us half-auditories can make but if any of you max-auditories try it you will be publicly shamed until you lose your job, wife, children, and right to due process because these are just the measures that need to be taken in this day and age

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