3 Dead Following A Shooting At A Madden Tournament In Jacksonville

This has been the big news story of the day so I figured I’d jot down some sentences about it. Basically there was a Madden tournament being held inside a Chicago Pizza restaurant at a mall in downtown Jacksonville today. Everything was going great until, in typical American fashion, bullets starting flying everywhere. When all was said and done nearly a dozen people were injured and 3 people were dead, including the shooter who offed himself because he’s a coward that can’t face the consequences of his actions and didn’t even have the decency to let the SWAT team turn his body into Swiss cheese. But perhaps the most troubling thing about this ordeal was that the tournament was being streamed live on Twitch so the shooting can be heard in the background during one of the games.

As with most acts of violence people immediately started speculating the motive for this incident. Was this another bullied white kid who stole his dad’s gun? Was it a muslim carrying out jihad against anybody who plays Madden? Did the the pizza place the tournament was being held at mess up somebody’s order and they decided to come back for revenge? The answer to all of those questions is none of the above. Turns it was actually just some 24 year old loser named David Katz who couldn’t handle losing the tournament.

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 8.49.21 PM.png

*Former Madden Champ*

There it is: The face of a sore loser that was too accustomed to being told that he’s a winner that he couldn’t handle the outcome of defeat. To my knowledge it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but I’m seeing a lot of stuff online pointing towards this as the most likely motive. Katz was known in the Madden community so it would make sense that he was probably participating in the tournament. Apparently getting outscored in a video game was enough for this waste of oxygen to pull out a gun and start shootingletting everybodybullets in sightfly. Seriously, how unhinged in the brain do you have to be to kill people over a video game? I don’t exactly have the best temper in the world, and the holes in my wall and the fact I know I’m not getting my security deposit back can attest to that, but even I handle my Madden loses better than this kid. I might have to add that to my already exemplary resume.

So why’d this happen? I’ll tell you why this happened. Aside from the fact that this kid is a nutcase who I hope is choking on the Devil’s semen as we speak, this is a reflection of the paradigm shift in the world regarding winners and losers. We’re quickly becoming a society that is trying to do away with competitive spirit and instead we’re raising a generation of kids that are told since birth that everybody’s a winner, the score doesn’t matter yada yada yada. Fuck that shit. Everybody is most certainly not a winner and there are plenty of losers in the world. There needs to be people who win and people who lose in order for the world to balance and function. It’s like Yin and Yang. Unfortunately this pussy attitude of giving losers a trophy is a contributing factor to this shooting and other situations like it. When he got told that he was eliminated from the tournament his weak character couldn’t handle it because he’s been coddled his entire life. He’d never been taught how to swallow his pride and accept defeat before, so instead of just yelling “Fuck this game” and drinking away the pain like a normal person does after losing a game of Madden, he reacted by killing everybody when he should have just killed himself for the sake of the gene pool. So if you have kids make sure you teach them the difference between winning and losing, otherwise you might create a thin-skinned murderer like David Katz. If that means lowering the hoop and repeatedly dunking on your 8 year old daughter during a pick up 1v1 game then so be it. Atleast she’ll understand what it feels like to lose, learn a lesson about how to deal with it properly, and walk away stronger from it.

As a somewhat avid gamer this story really caught me by surprise. There are thousands of tournaments like this every year and to have something like this happen on a livestream was pretty surreal. Rest in peace to the unfortunate victims who lost their lives (Trueboy and Spotmeplzz) and to all of the others who are now permanently scarred by this when all they wanted to do was play in a video game tournament. Final words to David Katz: Go fuck yourself dude. You better hope they have Madden in Hell, maybe they’ll let you a play a game or two in between getting anally raped by demons for all of eternity.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 3.46.10 AM.png


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